Havey’s Halloween Drum & Bass – Ghost of Snare

The Final Trick

It’s been a spine tingling journey through this Halloween series as we started with a bit of fun making our own Zombie Rave at the abandoned village pub. However, things quickly turned for the worse as we lost power and had to make a run for it. Dark Times descended on us though when we split up as we were being chased by the horde. Thankfully though, LW and I managed to meet up again at “Snare’s Grave” but we wouldn’t be safe yet. Time for the darkest part of the trilogy…

Ghost of Snare

“Well, here we are again hey, another year gone by, almost ironic given the circumstances” I said to LW. “Yea, I wonder what Snare would have made of all the events that have unfolded over the last few months, he’d probably have loved all this…” LW philosophised.

Snare kept himself to himself, didn’t come out with us a lot. In fact, he buried himself away in his little cave, working on various projects that no-one knew much about. “Do you remember that time when we were walking past his house and there was some weird chanting going on?” I reminisced with LW. “Oh yeah, what was all that about?” LW asked. “I don’t remember exactly. He mentioned to me one time about this cult movement he was reading about online.” “Cult movement?”

“Yeah. If I remember rightly, it was about believing in and respecting this perpetual energy that we all have within us, which never truly dies when our bodies clock off, rather it morphs into a different form that can manifest any which way it wants to.” “Well, he may have had a point given what we’ve been through tonight – zombie raves and what have you!” LW said with wry smile on her face.

Scenes in the graveyard began to change, this was the last salvageable photo that LW took

No sooner had LW said that then a deep rumbling sound happened beneath us, like some kind of earthquake. A sudden gust of wind started picking up, blowing LW’s hoodie back off her head and out of nowhere, a dark, swirling thundercloud appeared in the sky above. But it was that… sound… that, weird, demonic chanting sound. Rather like what I heard when I walked past Snare’s house all those years ago. BANG! The rumbling ground shook me off the bench and had me on the floor…

Just as I was trying to find my feet again, I looked over to find LW on the floor near the other side of the bench and went over to grab her arm so we could make a run for it together. As I did so, her head turned around to look at me… but… her eyes… they were nothing but… pure… white. Her mouth then dropped open, almost dislocating… and a combination of energy, light and blood oozed out of it… the chanting got louder and the lightning from the cloud struck what was left of her body at the time, somehow creating this sharp ear-piercing sound. This ended up throwing me back up against the wall at the other side of the grave yard – my heart racing… boom-boom, boom-boom.

When I picked myself up from being launched, I looked past Snare’s grave towards the bench and saw this figure looking back at me with blood red eyes, a laugh deeper than anything I ever heard, it went right through me, even from 10 metres away. I wasn’t going to hang around. I climbed over the grave yard wall and made a run for a house I knew that was deep in the woods, which no-one knew about other than me and LW, well… before what just happened.

As I was sprinting through the woods, my heart was pounding and the horrible sounds of that demonic laugh with the images of what just unfolded were playing back through my mind with every step. I tried to shake them off as best I could as I saw the house come in to sight, perhaps some reprieve… perhaps not… things definitely weren’t right. There was a light shining out of the first floor window, beaming down and focusing on an area of the ground below. This light is never normally on… oh man… will this nightmare ever end?

This light is never on [Source]

When I made my way over to see what the light was shining on, my heart almost skipped a beat. A hooded figure, wearing the same clothing that LW wore before she morphed in front of my eyes, stood in the light with its back to me. “LW?” I whispered. The figure didn’t turn around but raised its right arm and pointed up to the window. My eyes gazed up towards the window and I could see another figure looking back at me – white as a ghost, its face, featureless… Then that chanting sound I heard in the graveyard started happening again, causing my heart rate to rise even more than it was before as the fear started consuming my body.

I glanced over at the figure in the window again, the features on its face were becoming more clear and there seemed to be a look of fear on its face. Not only that but what unfolded in the next seconds was something even more profound as this figure began morphing its features… into… ME! To my horror, this figure in the window became me and slowly moved its arm to point its finger to somewhere behind me… and as I turned around, that other hooded figure that was in the light when I first got to the house… BAM! Right in my face! Ahhhh! Once I focused on this figure’s face… I saw me, staring right into my eyes.

“Do you see it now?” A voice rang out in my head in a low, distorted voice. “Do you see…it…now….?” The voice repeated with me, frozen, paralysed by this powerful force over me. “Snare?” I whispered.

“Yes, I never left. I was always here. You just didn’t want to see me until now”.

“But…you’re me?”

“Yes…I’m you”

“No, you were always Snare, the little genius who was always tucked away in his cave, doing side projects that no-one knew about with these weird noises coming from your room…”

“SILENCE! You will see…”

The mouth of the face that was right in front me opened wide and engulfed me, plunging me in to darkness for what felt like an eternity but then, out of nowhere, a sudden jolt flung me back into a room where it was daylight.

Once my eyes began adjusting to this all, I was sat on a chair and started looking around… I could see…

Yes, I could see that I was sat in my music studio, with the software wide open and I began scrolling through a load of weird and wonderful sound effects for my next track. As I was doing so, I saw a hand written note which simply said “RIP snare”… Hmm, I think I’ll call this track “Ghost of Snare” 🙂

Coming Up Next…

Well, I hope you enjoyed these last 3 blogs as I basically scared myself sh*tless writing them haha! Thankfully now though, we can start looking forward to the jam packed release schedule and don’t worry, there won’t be anything quite as horrifying as these blogs to get through. In fact, the snare drum has made a full and healthy comeback in these upcoming tracks so let’s look on to brighter and better things hey!

Happy Halloween


P.S. The whole Ghost Times EP, which features Dark Times & Ghost of Snare are available here.

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