Havey’s Halloween Drum & Bass – Zombie Rave

Trick or Treat?

Oooooooo it’s the ghost of Nicky Havey πŸ‘» haha! Yes that’s right, we’re right in the thick of Halloween season, although in the UK, Halloween season is basically one day… Hallow’s Eve… on the 31st October πŸ˜€ Nonetheless, for all you dark Drum & Bass lovers, or even just dark ambient lovers, I’ll be sharing a 3-part series over the next week before I get back to the release schedule I mentioned in the previous blog.

So who’s ready for part one of this spooktacular series? You may be sighing but deep down, you love the puns πŸ˜‰ Let me tell you a story about a zombie rave I went to at some point in a make belief world.

Zombie Rave

“There’s that noise again”, LW said as we were walking past the graveyard of the local church. A sort of low, groaning mumble accompanied by slow scuffed, footsteps. “How many do you think there are this time?” I asked. “Not sure, maybe 5 or 6”? LW guessed. We both looked at each other, knowing that we needed to do something to spice things up a bit…

At the other side of the graveyard there’s a dip in the road where a pub, that used to be full of life before the apocalypse, provides a perfect stage for what we had in mind. The pub, which now cuts a ghostly, abandoned brickwork figure in the darkness, still had some power left over in the generator from the last time me and LW had an adventure. “Fire her up!” I bellowed.

Photo taken by good friend Laura Witherden as we were getting the stage set up

“Boom! We have power!” LW shouted with joy! We turned on the bright outdoor lights of the abandoned pub to resemble the scenes from when the last festival happened before the “event”. It’s a shame that “event” caused the local area to be infested with zombies but that’s the make belief world we live in now.

Thankfully, there was still a keyboard and DJ equipment that we found lying around from the last open mic night in the pub before “things happened”. We plugged it all in, connected up the sounds system and I started playing on the keyboard, finding a catchy melody to entice the zombies out. You may be wondering why LW and I wanted to entice them out. I recall the conversation we had one time:

“Imagine the pain they are going through because they aren’t able to eat your brains as they are too slow and cumbersome to get around the place. How are those zombies going to pick themselves up?” LW asked.

“Well….I could play some Drum & Bass for them?” I suggested.

“Bingo!” LW shouted out.

“No, not bingo, Drum & Bass!” I corrected my over enthusiastic friend.

“I didn’t mean bingo the game you nut job… just play the beats”, LW fumed.

And so, I started playing. Here’s a live recording of how it went…

Well, who’d have thought it? It turns out our undead friends actually love raving AND Drum & Bass is one of their FAVOURITE genres! Haha! But quick! RUN before they start hunting down our Drum & Brains

Coming Up Next…

OK, that’s enough tales of fiction from me now πŸ˜€ I hope you enjoyed the track as much as our undead friends did! If you really liked it, you can download it for free on the Soundcloud page and this will be up for a limited time only (until end of October 2019) so grab it while you can!

Watch out for part 2 in a couple of days where we’ll continue the story of me and LW as we trundle our way through the apocalyptic village.

Until then… stay safe and watch out for the zombies!


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