Liquid Drum & Bass – Burning In My Soul [Out Now]

Stepping Back in to the Light!

Phew, we made it through the scary, hairy Halloween Horror series of this past week where I shared my 3 darkest tracks with you! However, if you need your fix of darkness like some sort of sordid devil then feel free to check out Zombie Rave, Dark Times and Ghost of Snare. For now, we’ll be stepping back in to the light and take a more in depth look at my latest release – Burning In My Soul.

Burning In My Soul

In my brief overview of upcoming releases a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that this track was all about how one feels when they are in a relationship with someone that brings them pure and utter joy. The mind becomes infatuated with feelings and thoughts about that very special person, so much so that they really are “burning in your soul”.

There was a time when I felt like this about a girl or two but, if I’m being honest, I was just far too awesome for them to handle and unfortunately that fire hasn’t quite come back to warm the soul for another girl…yet! That was my long winded way of saying, I’m single haha! However, in those rare moments when I had these feelings, this is how they sound like in my head.

As you can tell from the off, it’s a very tranquil liquid Drum & Bass track, meant to depict the peaceful feeling we get when we’re happy as we tend to be more chilled and nothing really gets to us. This is a state of mind I strive to be in as often as possible despite best efforts of others getting in the way!

How It Came To Light

Before I first started working on this one, I was bumbling around on Soundcloud and found a saxophonist called Vechal who uploaded a bit of freestyle called “Something Saxy” (of which I made a full remix of) but there was this one small section that really stood out to me from the original recording and thought that would be perfect for what you’re listening to now 🙂

There was another track I drew a lot of influence from at the time which was “When You Were Mine” by Hosta that got me through the tough times I at Uni. So much so, it wasn’t just Burning In My Soul that it influenced but another one that will be a free download coming in 2020.

Where’s The Photo From?

A quick note about the photo I used for the artwork on this. You know me, I love a bit of travelling and enjoy combining that with my music in as many ways as possible. After all, a travel adventure without a soundtrack is pretty boring! I was at Yosemite Valley in 2015, doing a hike which went past some of the spectacular falls there and this picture was of one of them. I’ll of course be writing a travel blog about Yosemite Valley in the future after I’ve covered my Australia & New Zealand adventures from earlier this year (can’t believe it’s been over 6 months since I first set off)!

Out Now

Thankfully now, there’s a permanent home or homes for this one as I’m so excited to have it released on Electronic Alliance Records [October 25th 2019]. The best place to download it from is my website here as you get the mp3 and high quality wav file all in one but if you are on other platforms and want to add it to playlists, follow the little icons below and stream to your hearts content on Spotify, Soundcloud, Choon or Beatport!

I hope you enjoy the track!


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