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Believe it or not I actually have some music releases coming up before the end of the year and not all of them are Liquid Drum & Bass! I know, hard to believe isn’t it?! But after all that’s happened this year with travelling, starting a new career, having the honour of being best man at my brother’s wedding next month and co-running the Electronic Music Alliance, Top 3 Contest and being involved with the Power House Creatives, I’ve barely had the time to spend in my music studio, which makes me sad.

Not to worry though as the limited time I have spent in the studio has meant I’ve been able to chip away at new tracks, finishing off some unfinished Drum & Bass symphonies and plan some releases. Yes. RELEASES! Yeaaaaa buddy! So let me give you a little heads up as to what’s on the cards 😀

Burning In My Soul [25th October 2019 – Electronic Alliance Records]

Picture taken when I was in Yosemite Valley back in 2015

Oooohhh yea, this is one of the tracks that was in the back catalogue from many moons ago and I wanted to give it a 2019 rejig. The track is all about being in a relationship with someone that you can’t stop thinking about and they really are “burning in your soul”. There was a time when I was in a relationship with someone back in 2012 and I first started this track but seems I was too awesome for her and it didn’t work out.

Nonetheless, this is a chilled out Liquid Drum & Bass track with a beautiful saxophone sample from Vechal who kindly let me use it in this one, female vocals and a little bit of sensuality… ooo err 😉

Right now, the preview is available to stream via the player below:

Bonnie Legion & WavDr – Exhale (Nicky Havey remix) [8th November 2019 – Electronic Alliance Records]

Thanks to Bonnie for the artwork here!

Oh boy… this one… I first heard the original by the awesome and inspiring dynamic duo of Bonnie Legion (@soundlegion) and WavDr (@wav-dr) (WavLegion) a few months ago on a show called Spotlight on the Artist (@spotlight.artist). As soon as I heard that gnarly bassline kick in with the hi hats from the off, I knew I had to do something with it.

It was only recently that the master came back from my favourite studio – Audio Animals – and I have to say, it blew even my mind… and I made the remix! There’s such a big difference from when I finish the mix to when it comes back from those magicians and wow… I’ll have a bit more about this soon so watch out for the stream link but if you want to listen to the amazing original, click here!

Nebula [22nd November 2019 – Electronic Alliance Records]

Photo taken in New Zealand 2019!

I was having a bit of a rough time last year with matters relating to employment and career stuff. I thought I had the dream job, which on paper it was, but you don’t work on paper and the events that unfolded resulted in a feeling of “where to now?” After a pep talk with friends and figuring things out, I decided I would go travelling and start a temp job.

What I wasn’t expecting was those decisions to begin a slow manifestation of a career at another company, sandwiched with probably the best time of my life when I went travelling around Australia and New Zealand for 3 months. Like a nebula forms a cloud of gas that eventually turns in to a star, the idea for this track was born and it takes you on a chilled out, trance like liquid dnb journey through this part of my life. Here’s a stream link to whet your appetite 🙂

Time Machine (feat. winkandwoo) [4th December 2019 – Electronic Alliance Records]

It’s not all Liquid Drum & Bass you say? Damn right! And this is the non-dnb track I alluded to with the blog title! In fact, it was my very first attempt at Deep House which fared pretty well in a music contest on a platform called Steem but it didn’t really come to life fully until Winkandwoo (@winkandwoo) came along and showed us his amazing vocal talent! The vocals were so good, I decided to rename the original from New Dawn to Time Machine after the epic hook on the chorus. Here’s a sneaky peak for you over on wink’s Soundcloud page:

Dreamer [20th December 2019 – Electronic Music Alliance]

Photo taken in Whitsunday Islands, Australia 2015

And we’re ending the year with probably my favourite of the lot as we take a little trip down memory lane. A high energy liquid dnb track with a throw back to the 1993 floor filling anthem Dreamer by Livin’ Joy, I really threw the kitchen sink at this one. I began working on it just before going travelling earlier in the year and the excitement I was feeling gave me all the energy I needed to put in to this. No matter what happens, I’ll have this track to remind me of what happens when I dare to dream and go off travelling. This is for the dreamers 🙂

The Snail Strikes Back…

So there you have it folks, this snail has been busy behind the scenes and there’s plenty more to look forward to in 2020! There’s also a collaboration I’ve been working on with vocalist TygerTyger (@tygertyger) which is going to be hitting our Electronic Music Alliance 1 year compilation in January so with these 6 tracks, we’re hitting a hot streak!

Thanks to everyone who’s listened in and supported my music over the years! It’s been awesome sharing these moments with you! For now though, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the in depth look at some of these in the coming weeks 😉


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