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I find it hard to believe that this time 6 months ago I was travelling around one of the most beautiful parts of the world I’ve been to so far – the South Island of New Zealand. Slowly but surely, I’ve been working my way back through the travel notes and sharing the journeys with you but as I’m focusing a little more on the music side of things for the time being, I’ve not been able to dip back in to the travel blogs as much.

However, now seemed a good point to have a quick refresh and create a handy, convenient post which has 5 blogs I’ve made about New Zealand. The little map below shows most of the points of interest I will be covering today and hope those of you who are planning on visiting will find it useful!

Points of interest along the South Island of New Zealand, created with Scribble Maps

Franz Josef to Queenstown – Road Trip

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This part of the big adventure took me on a pretty epic road trip from the eye catching Franz Josef (point 1 on the map above) through many points of interest including:

  • Knight’s Point Lookout (2) for a great view of the western coastline despite the bad weather,
  • Blue Pools (3) which really lived up to its name in quite some style,
  • The Neck (4) linking two amazing lakes Hawea and Wanaka,
  • Wanaka (5) where we stopped for lunch and saw a pretty unique looking tree
  • Crown Range Lookout (6) providing a spectacular view and drive before ending up at Queenstown.

Queenstown – “Adventure Capital of the World”

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We stayed 3 nights in the so called “Adventure Capital of the World” and if you’re ever going to go out of your comfort zone, this is the place to do it in – Queenstown (point 7 in the map).

There’s something for everyone whether you’re in to your more extreme activities like Skydiving or Bungy jumping (which was invented in Queenstown) or moderately extreme things like hang-gliding or paragliding, or just want something a little more relaxed like a walk or gondola to admire the views of Lake Wakatipu. I cover all aspects for you to consider in this gung-ho adventure town. Let’s fly 🙂

The “Majestic” Milford Sound

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Another incredible road trip that ended up at the breathtaking and majestic “Milford Sound” (point 8 on the map), where we spent the afternoon on a cruise through the fjord. Epic waterfalls, steep sided mountains and an eerie fog over the mountain tops to boot, this really was one of my many highlights of the trip. There are many other points of interest en route but the points would have congested the map. So expect to see lakes, scary tunnels and a landscape that seemed to be reminiscent of a scene from the movie “Independence Day”!

Te Anau & Keplar Track

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Also known as the “Gateway to the Fjords”, Te Anau (point 9 on the map) provides many other fun activities to enjoy such as a hike along the Keplar track, cycling and more adventurous activities such as kayaking or skydiving! Can’t help but feel these New Zealanders are obsessed with jumping out of a plane 😀

Nonetheless, we meet a rather different companion for our little hike around lake Te Anau which may give you a new found respect for ducks #thucklife!

Central Otago Rail Trail

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And finally, for those of you who love cycling, Central Otago (point 10 on the map) has the perfect trail for you to cycle down! Wow, beautiful scenery, fascinating history about the railway that was built and a couple of scary tunnels to navigate through as well! We only did about 35km of the trail but it was thoroughly enjoyable. However, if you really fancy doing all 150km then all the information you need is inside!

Other Notes

In each blog, there’s information about travel times, distances, accommodation costs and links to various activities that you can get involved with. I’ve tried to be as thorough as I can with the short time I stayed in each spot but hopefully it will give you a good start point to make the most of your trip. If you’re going soon, let me know as I’d love to see more pictures of New Zealand and have got plans to go back out there again myself 🙂

I’ll be posting the rest of my travel blogs over on a platform called @travelfeed which I highly recommend you join for all your travel related goodness! Easily set up your account here and look forward to interacting with you on there!

Next Travel Blog…?

It may be a “while” and by that, it’s likely to be either the end of November or December by the time I get round to them again. Big event coming up with my brother’s wedding which I’m very excited about!

But until then, take it easy travel lovers!


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