[Drum & Bass] WavLegion – Exhale (Nicky Havey remix) – Forthcoming 8th November 2019

This One’s Pretty Mega…

If I do say so myself πŸ˜‰

When I first heard the original version of Exhale from WavLegion back on a show called “Spotlight On The Artist“, the hi hats that came in from the off resonated with my heart which beats at 174BPM and then the big Korg bassline that struck… I knew I had to do something with this track if they’d let me.

Within 30 seconds of the track starting, my first comment in the Discord that evening was “Guys, can I do a Drum & Bass remix of this one?” Naturally, it got a laugh from everyone as it seemed it was only me who could see how this could be made in to a DnB track and as I live for this genre (for the most part), I couldn’t see any other way haha!

The Original

So it’s only right that I share with you the original of this track which is only available on streaming site Choon which you can listen to here. It starts off with that hypnotic percussion then bang, bassline. Oooo where are we going here then? Amazing vocals then kick in from Bonnie and the beautiful guitar work from WavDr takes us on a dark ride through a depiction of warfare that goes on across the world. I’ll be finding out more from them in the official release blog about what message they wanted to share with us in the original.

The Remix

And so, here we are. Everything that I wanted to turn the original into came to fruition and it’s not often a music producer gets to say that they got everything they hoped for and more! I added my own rough and ready drum beat and a distant pad to help with the atmosphere. A few edits on the structure and the remix was ready.

Once the master came back from the Audio Animals, I was blown away. I even mentioned on twitter that it blew my face off when I heard it after they worked their magic. Well, now you can have a listen, at least for a short section, before the main release on all the platforms like Spotify and Beatport πŸ™‚

The fact these two talented artists let me go anywhere near their music makes me feel all warm inside and they are always so welcoming when I speak to them, it’s like I’ve known them for ever! I’m so grateful to them for letting me go for it and I hope you enjoy the remix – keep your eyes peeled for the big release on Electronic Alliance Records – 8th November 2019!

Party on my friends!


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