Hmm… Perhaps It’s Time To Start Doing “These” Again…


Yea, you know… Liquid Drum & Bass mixes…

Around 3 years ago, I bought up a cheap pair of USB “decks” just to get into mixing and start up a series that I was going to take over the world with (in my visions of grandeur) called “Havey’s Highlights”. In these monthly mixes, I’d curate tracks from a variety of underground artists and mix them together in 30 minutes of fun, writing a little a blog showcasing their talents. Shame the artwork for the show wasn’t up to par back then, even after 10 podcasts!

Ha! Look how shocking the graphics work was back then! Yikes!

The impetus for the Havey’s Highlights series actually came from listening to mixes from someone else on Soundcloud who was sharing his love for Drum & Bass in a similar fashion and went by the name of Secret Soundcloud or DJ Pi. I’d later become friends with him and turns out he also had a strong interest in running, although he went the extra mile last year and ran every day for charity, smashing his fundraising target by nearly Ā£1,000!

Platform Project

In a series of events that unfolded after we met, his mixing partner for his radio show was unable to continue and this opened the door for me to start doing a full hour long show, live on air and then getting over 1,000 listens on Mixcloud for each show. We’d alternate each month for 2 years up until my last show which happened on February 2019 where I tried to hold back the tears on air as a little frog in my throat developed. Here’s the last mix I ever did for Platform Project:

Bringing Them Back…?

Well, since I’m back from my travels and after the huge event of my brother’s wedding later in the month… don’t be surprised that we may see a mix or two popping up again in the new year. Whether it will be with Platform Project depends on if DJ Pi will have me back but we’re definitely due a catch up!

I’ve been scouting Spotify and EMA a lot recently and starting to build up a bit of a catalogue of Liquid DnB tracks to feature… there’s definitely no shortage of tracks out there! I’ll just need to blow the thick layer of dust on the Pioneer DJ kit (and my own mixing skills) and away we go šŸ˜‰

I’ll be in front of these for a while, blowing off the dust!

For now though, there’s a few singles coming up and with a couple of EPs and compilations cropping up in the first few months of 2020, it’s going to be music city here! So if you were hoping for the travel blogs… well, you may have to hold on for a little bit longer šŸ™‚ Have a listen to what’s coming up on Friday!

Take it easy folks


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