[Liquid DnB] To New Beginnings – Nebula (Out 22nd Nov)

New Beginnings

Well I’m about to head in to an awesome weekend with my brother, friends and family as we are celebrating with a wedding that’s been long on the cards. As Best Man, I’ll be making a few digs at him during the Best Man Speech (naturally) but ultimately, we’re all there to make a giant toast to new beginnings and a successful marriage πŸ™‚ And yes, I’ll of course be sharing the rest of the stories from the Stag Party and Wedding with you!

Appropriate then that the track that’s getting released on Electronic Alliance Records over the weekend is one that was inspired from my own new beginnings with this track called Nebula.


I was having a bit of a bad time last year with matters relating to my career in 3D land. I thought I had landed that so called “dream job” I’d been hoping for, which it was… in theory. However, you don’t work “in theory” (unless you’re a theoretical scientist haha) and so one thing lead to another and I ended up at that β€œwhere to now?” phase. After a few motivational chats with friends and family, it felt the right time to go travelling and start a temp job.

The result of these decisions has slowly but surely culminated in to the place I find myself now – a career at a company I enjoy working at now, sandwiched with the best adventure I could have hoped for when I went travelling around Australia and New Zealand for 3 months earlier this year.

In a way, it’s like how a nebula forms a cloud of gas that eventually turns in to a star, which I thought would be highly appropriate for the naming of this Liquid Drum & Bass track! It’s definitely a lot more on the chilled side compared to the Exhale remix released a couple of weeks ago but here’s a clip for you to enjoy:

The full track will be available very shortly on all the usual links but I’ll make an announcement next week with full information on that!

Meanwhile, enjoy the clip, be sure to follow me on Spotify by clicking the icons below and here’s to new beginnings, whatever that means to you!

Take it easy


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