Take A Deep Breath… Time For Some New Drum & Bass!


Yeaaaa buddies! It’s been a long time in the making to get to this point but my goodness, I’m buzzing about this release with @wav-dr and @soundlegion (Bonnie)! They released a dark, ambient and rocking track called “Exhale” earlier this year that I knew I just had to remix it as soon as I heard it… thankfully, they said yes and I’m over the moon to say that my version is out now on the Electronic Alliance Records label! Here’s a cheeky clip of it to whet your appetite!

Exhale – The Original Story

So in true Havey fashion, I like to find out a little bit more about what the original story of the track was and thought I’d pose the question to Bonnie and Wav-Dr to see if I could gander any information. There are two very different sides to it! Here’s what Wav-Dr had to say:

I wrote the song prior to meeting Bonnie and released it as an instrumental. The luring vocal sound is a sound from “Output Instruments Exhale” virtual instruments and made me think of an Alien voice calling, luring and communicating on a subconscious level. The higher power would use this captivating voice to control and manipulate thoughts. I never shared this info with Bonnie when I sent her the instrumental version so I find it serendipitous that Bonnie felt that too

Wav-Dr, 2019

And so, a beast of a track was born when the two forces collided and WavLegion has been on what can only be described as a formidable releasing journey since they met. There is nothing they can’t do together and are truly inspiring people, committed to their craft of music making. However, when their imagination is left to run loose, they can create some even more mind blowing stories and so, I’d like to present the “alternative” version of Exhale here too haha!

The original song was an implanted alien message sent from the distant future by a race of humans known at the Kotoure and despite their name, they have completely abolished fashion.

They are at war with another branch of race of humans called the Blando who desperately cover themselves in various colors to try and express their individual Godliness.

The message was extracted 1000 years ago from the DNA of an unknown human like species preserved perfectly underneath the ice in Antarctica.

The scientists back in Ancient Times knew the message needed to be delivered to a new type of Adam and Eve, a willing couple who would undergo a transfusion of sorts that would introduce a dormant yet evolving new code or Chromosome into the human genome.

The 21st century would bring the awakening of this code in all who carry it from there bloodline. 13 people with the extra chromosome will come forward to deliver the message of a coming War between those who are aware of infinity and those who are not.

Bonnie, 2019

Exhale – The Remix

Well, I can’t quite top that incredible story from Bonnie! She definitely had me engrossed with that, looking forward to the full novel 😉

For me, I first heard the original on a show called Spotlight on the Artist (@spotlight.artist) hosted by @d-vine and @onemedia earlier in the year and was mesmerized by not only the really cool percussion and drum beat from the off but then that huge sweeping Korg bassline came stampeding in and sparked off the 174BPM beast in me!

Thankfully the pair said “Yes!” when I asked them if I could remix it and it’s always an awesome feeling when the original artists come back to you and say that they really enjoyed it too. I wanted to keep the feeling of the original but make it even more spacey with the synth I used but wanted the Korg bassline to hit hard on the drops, providing this alien atmosphere.

Hopefully you enjoy the clip and if you wanted the full track, it’s available on Spotify or available on Beatport at the moment!

Look out for the video coming up over the weekend from the WavLegion legends and I’ll be back with another blog featuring this!

Party time! Have a great weekend!


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