Errr Yeah! So These Are Some Pretty Awesome Spotify Stats! Thank You Everyone!!

Spotify 2019 Review

As I was fumbling around at work earlier today (aka hanging out in the EMA Discord), it came to my attention that Spotify were sending notifications out to artists about a pretty cool thing they are doing called “2019 Wrapped”. This is a little presentation of stats that have happened with ones Spotify profile and I have to say, I was not expecting anything like what I got so I’m going to start off by saying thank you to EVERYONE who has listened in, lent me your ears over the last 12 months on Spotify and shared my music around! 😊

I never really used Spotify, or at least “got it”, until the formation of EMA in Jan 2019 and I have to say, I’m a convert! The mobile app connects really nicely with Android Auto, which is great for long journeys in my car or even short ones as I listen to EMA playlists to and from work, as well as finding new liquid Drum & Bass tracks (that I may feature in some live shows next year as I look to get back in to the swing of things ooo err)! But without any further ado, I want to share with you some of the coolness you folks have created with a look at my “Spotify 2019 Wrapped”!

“Standout Moments”

The first screen reveals some of the “Standout Moments” this year and I have to say, I wasn’t surprised to see the first two tracks here as they entered the stratosphere on the stream count! I was living the dream when I found out that these two tracks (I’ll Always Be Around and End Of The Tunnel) made it on to Spotify’s Editorial Playlists, which meant they would be shared on a playlist to 220,000 followers!

It really showed as you can see, the next highest streamed track was one that has been around for a few years with a release on a previous label – Skyway Meadows – at 350 streams. Finally, one of my favourite collabs was the Stargazing Dark Matter remix I made of DaveyHub’s original released on Electronic Alliance Records earlier this year, which I was pleased to see make the top 4. Here’s a playlist of those tracks in case you missed them!

“Streams Per Hour”

An interesting metric and one I’d never thought I’d hear but apparently, my best hour was when 47 different legends were tuning in to my music at the same time. That’s almost one person a minute burning their ears with my sounds haha πŸ˜‚

“Leveling Up”

Well, these stats do look kinda funny seeing as I wasn’t really active on Spotify last year or even all the way back to 2015 so I’d take the whole 999+% increase with a pinch of salt with there being next to no sharing of my tracks on Spotify before this year. None the less, the fact that there was such a huge % increase in everything from followers to listeners, streams, playlist adds… honestly, that’s so warming! Thank you and welcome to all the new listeners and those who have been listening for a while, thank you too! If those stats get to 999+% next year than that would be mega!

“Serious Play Time”

As we know, there’s 12 months in each calendar year but somehow, 2 of those months were taken up by you dedicated legends listening in to my music! Wow, this one really hit in the feels – to have 2 months solid of my music blasting through the airwaves on Spotify was something I’d never thought I’d read considering it was mainly just me that listened to my own music in my bedroom studio for 15 years, driving myself insane in the process haha! Heroes, all of you πŸ™Œ


Haha, I love this one! The question that preceded this screen was a multi-choice question asking something along the lines of, “How many hours did you your followers clock up listening to your music when they should have been sleeping?” I went for the lowest two options of 63 and 87 hours as there’s no way I was 114… but yes way! Wow! I’m glad I helped you night owls pass the time for just over a fortnight with my quirky little Drum & Bass beats, sorry for keeping you awake! 😊

“World Tour”

How ironic this screen was seeing as I literally did a world tour earlier this year, to the location mentioned! Admittedly, not for music, rather just for a travel adventure to Australia and New Zealand and I will get back to writing the travel blogs again soon as things are beginning to settle in real life again. Nonetheless, thanks to everyone who’s been listening in around the world in 74 countries! Maybe I’ll get to travel and do a music world tour one day and we can hang out… there’s a thought πŸ€”


And on the final page is a round up of what has been a truly incredible year and exceeded any expectations I had. When I compare this to my Soundcloud details after 7 years, there’s actually no comparison. I nearly reached the same amount of streams I had on Soundcloud in 7 years than I did with 1 year on Spotify and I think I’ll be continuing on the journey of releasing music to this platform seeing as that’s where a lot of DnB listeners seem to be! Myself included!

So thank you everyone for wowing me and just being really awesome with your support with my music. It’s really inspiring me to keep going and making more music, bringing you more joy and spreading all that good juju about the place!

I’ll definitely have a few gifts for you in the coming weeks as a way of saying thanks so keep a look out for that but coming up tomorrow is the final release of the year from me which I’m very excited about! It may not be what you thought it would be either πŸ˜‰

Take it easy


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