Updating The YouTube Channel with Some Deep House…

Who Still Uses YouTube?

Actually, quite a few people I think… like, billions? Haha! But it’s definitely one of the more “under utilised” platforms I’m on (but not as underused as Facebook because that site is a load of codswallop)!

I do have EMA to thank for giving me the impetus to start uploading my catalogue to YouTube and it looks like I’ll be slowly but surely replacing SoundCloud as the place to post my tracks once they are released. Firstly, no upload limit (as far as I’m aware) which means no constantly rotating tracks around the place and secondly, it’s the only other site at the moment that currently seems to embed to STEEM, which is one of the main places I post on, other than my website and Twitter!

If @steempeak or @steemit can perhaps figure out a way to support Spotify embeds then it would be pretty awesome for the music community but one step at a time…

“Live” Videos?

I’ve kinda been juggling this idea around my head the last couple of months as I knew it was going to be “balls to the wall” from August to November with my brother’s wedding but after that and in 2020, it is almost a blank canvas to fill with rambling content from this crazy fool!

I have heard from some of you saying you enjoyed the little “show and tell” of how I made some of my tracks so those might make a comeback – we’ll see how popular they become I guess. As usual, if you don’t try, you’ll never know!

But with the EMAliens looking to really drive our spaceship forward in 2020, I’m getting the buzz again to do live shows and make DJ mixes again so there will be a lot more going on from mid January onwards! Havey’s Highlights…? You bet!

Time Machine

Before I ramble today’s blog into oblivion, I’ll have a quick chat about the final release of the year from me called Time Machine. I’ve only posted a small clip to the YouTube channel to whet your appetite but if you wanted the full version, well, that’s on Spotify, which you can listen to here.

I still smile a LOT when I hear @winkandwoo‘s amazing vocals on the chorus, he really completely changed the whole complexion of the track from when it started life as an instrumental! So without further ado, here’s a little clip of it from my YouTube channel and if you aren’t already, why not head over there and subscribe!

Release Information

The track was released through the Electronic Alliance Records community run label on 6th December 2019 – part of the Electronic Music Alliance that I cofounded with Bufinjer and DaveyHub – and is available on Beatport.


If the future calls to you
When you’re in the present time
You can move towards the path
It doesn’t even matter if you meet the contrast

Let’s go back
To forgotten dreams
Take me back
In your Time Machine

As always, take it easy!


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