Yay! The Final Release of the Year is Now “In Da House”!


It’s in the House genre… Whhhhhhaaaat! Yeah that’s right, I decided to go a little bit out of the old “comfort zone” of the high octane 174 BPM Drum & Bass tunes and came up with a Progressive “Deep” House track that was finished up with some amazing vocals from Winkandwoo!

But Why?!

Why not? The best way of learning is trying out new things and I felt like it was a good chance to give a new genre a go when I saw a music contest hosted on the Steem platform. They were asking for tunes in the “Deep House” genre and I simply thought I’d give it a go… change it up for a slower tempo you know 😉 Amazingly, my entry, which was originally an instrumental called “New Dawn”, made it to 2nd place in this contest – what a shock!

Original artwork of New Dawn
(Photo from Great Ocean Walk, Australia 2019)

Vocal Enquiry

But what was an even greater surprise was when @winkandwoo messaged me after hearing “New Dawn” and he asked if he could lay down some vocals for the instrumental. I was honoured he reached out as I have heard some of his collaborations with @skaarl, one of which was released on Electronic Alliance Records called “Daybreak” which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Time Machine

Anyway, lay down the vocals he did with an amazing hook that had my mouth agasp when I first heard it. I didn’t have to do anything with the vocals in the music software after he sent them over to me. In fact, I ended up having to change my own original to take out the piano section in some places because his vocals were more fitting! Such is the professionalism of the guy!

He even sorted the artwork out in a matter of minutes and we quite liked the nod to Dr Who with the whole traveling through space in our Time Machine (rather like the TARDIS)! Without sounding to punny… the… ahem… stars aligned 😖 Here’s the Spotify link if you wanted to listen in and add it your playlist!

Release Information

It goes without saying really that the track was released through the Electronic Alliance Records community run label today (6th December 2019) – part of the Electronic Music Alliance that I cofounded with Bufinjer and DaveyHub, I might as well give you a few links to get your mitts on the track.

Obviously, Spotify is above but if you’re looking to have your own copy or your not a user of “The Spotify” then have look over at Beatport or even Soundcloud (if the Spotify player doesn’t work as some of you let me know).

So there you have it folks, my final release of 2019! It’s been a pretty epic journey as I mentioned in the post yesterday with some awe inspiring streaming stats for the year! Hopefully we can keep it going in 2020 – I won’t be away for 3 months then, I promise haha!

Posting frequency might start to slow down now as we enter the Festive period. Getting things ready for that, spending time with family and friends and general chill out mode will be enabled! How I could do with a Time Machine just to get more hours in the day haha!

Anyway take it easy and enjoy the tunes hey!

Nicky & Winkandwoo


If the future calls to you
When you’re in the present time
You can move towards the path
It doesn’t even matter if you meet the contrast

Let’s go back
To forgotten dreams
Take me back
In your Time Machine

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