#Haveys2020Vision – Starting As We Mean To Go On

“Not Another Happy New Year Post…”

Don’t worry, I already said “HNY” in my previous blog and I’m not one for repeating something that is already common knowledge but I do genuinely wish everyone who reads this an awesome 2020 – hopefully by now you should have recovered from your endeavours last night. If not, well, you really did party hard my friend! I do agree with the sentiment that it is “just another day” and why do we all need to do these “resolution” things for the 1st January when we can set a goal any day of the year and make a change there and then.

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For me, it really has just been a case of “coincidental timing”. Things were manic in 2019 and I only really started seeing the woods for the trees about a week ago after being able to untie my hands a little on all the incredible events and activities mentioned in the 2019 retrospective. So this is pure bona fide goal setting – it just happened that they came together at the end of 2019 so I thought I’d play on that with my #haveys2020vision 😀


Well, I just had to do something because last year was simply superb in every way. Maybe I should start listening to what is going on and slow down a bit but I’d be bored and need to do something.


Things are settling nicely with the online electronic music community and the EAR label I co-run with Bufinjer and DaveyHub – we’re well and truly in the groove and the EMAliens are supporting each other, helping out where they can to lighten the load on us 3 which we’re grateful for!

Your Top 3 Contest

Also, the fun monthly contest I co-run with @plantstoplanks, @cheese4ead and @foxyspirit called the “@yourtop3 Contest” is going from strength to strength as more people are warming to it and we’re in good shape to have a better year in giving out prizes than 2019!


The groundwork has been laid for both these projects now, with 3D life looking to settle as well (hopefully) by mid Jan, it’s time to add another challenge… why not?! I want to get back in to running again and I didn’t get a chance to beat the target I had set myself last year of running 5km in under 20 minutes – probably because I left it WAY too late to start training and give myself a fighting chance!

So as part of my own #haveys2020vision, I’m going to give that another crack of the whip but with an added challenge of trying to run (or walk) 2,020km in 2020. Fitness is always something I try to have a finger on and standards have slipped since coming back from travelling so now’s the time!

Music Releases & Website Updates

One thing I did today was consult my music release “admin spreadsheet” which helps me keep things organised… in theory! What it actually does is tell me how much of a procrastinator I am and that I’ve fallen far behind on a LOT of things haha! So, I’ve got some of last year’s releases up on the website shop and included a Spotify embed player so you can listen to the track, add it to a playlist if you wanted and “check it out before checking out”! Here’s what’s been added:

New tracks in the music shop available now!

“Wait, what’s “STEEM?””

Glad you asked! STEEM is a platform where I am most active other than Twitter and it’s effectively a blogging/social media site where you have the potential to earn and grow your profile.

Every time you post something, the community has 7 days to decide how much they like it using a “thumbs up and thumbs down” (rather like FB, YouTube etc.). At the end of the 7 days, you get a “payout” in STEEM/SBD (the platform’s “currency”) which you then use to grow your account or pay for things… like the music on my website, which you can see in the screenshot above 😀

I personally really enjoy using the STEEM site and think it’s setting the standard for content creators and fans to support each other. If you want more information, I’ll happily do a video and show the ropes so you can see how it all works. There’s all kinds of cool games, livestreamers, musicians, photography, travel blogs, fitness apps… you name it!

Live On Air – 3rd Jan 2020 18:00-20:00 UTC

You’ll have seen me mention this a few times in the last couple of weeks but our beloved EMA turns 1 year old on Friday 3rd Jan and thanks to the awesome people on the STEEM platform (@spotlight.artist and @msp-waves), I’ll be on air to talk about it with 5 other of our EMA members (EMAliens), sharing our music on a show called “Spotlight on the Artist”! It will be awesome if you can join in the fun – click the link below to listen in on Friday:

“Spotlight On The Artist”
Friday 3rd January 2020
18:00 – 20:00 UK/UTC Time

Progress Review…

So we won’t really know how well everything went until the 2020 retrospective in 11 months and 28 days time haha! But I’m definitely focusing a lot more on the music this year, a few more travel blogs, saving up to buy my own place so I can upgrade to “Havey’s Man Cave 2.0” and fitness… lots of fitness!

How about you then? Are you hoping to do anything this year or just see how things pan out and then make a goal from there? Let me know!

Take it easy


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