Out Now: “Travelling Man” – It’s ‘Liquid Drumstep’… I Think 🤔

The Adventure Begins…

Hard to imagine it was 9 months ago that I was getting ready for my travel adventure to Australia and New Zealand… this year, there’s not so much planned by way of THAT kind of travel excursion as I still kinda need to go through all the travel notes and share the rest of the tales from Down Under on my travel blog.

But on the flip side of the coin, having this free time again to work on some productions in the music studio has been wonderful. Probably a nice complement to the travel blogs are the “sound” blogs – for those of you who may not have come across my blog before, basically, I make tracks from life events as a kind of “stamp” on the old “Havey timeline”.

And what better way to remember the epic travel adventure from last year than by creating 6 tracks that will eventually make up an EP called “Travel Diaries”?

Travelling Man

So the first track of the audible Travel Diaries EP is something a little different from me called “Travelling Man”. If you have been following me around for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Liquid Funk (aka Liquid Drum & Bass), which is a fast tempo, melodic style of electronic music. Now I mixed things up with this opening track and chop that tempo in half…literally.

Normally operating at 174BPM, with the snare happening on the 2nd and 4th bar, I thought I’d try the snare on the 3rd bar… which some have said is “halftime”, others call it “drumstep” – but it’s basically at half the speed of the regular Drum & Bass. In fact, after a little research on Monstercat, it sounds like “Liquid Drumstep” is most likely the style or genre (and yes, it’s important 😜).

Now that we have cleared that one up (I think), a quick word about the awesome graphics designed by a friend I met on the Steem network called Gabriela Travels. She is also a traveler and documents a lot of videos and blogs about her home country of Romania that I recommend you check out and if you do need some design work done for anything, contact her here.

So thank you Gabriela for designing these – I love them and they beat my terrible efforts hands down 😄

Story of the Track

I mentioned in my “coming soon” blog that the production of “Travelling Man” took me all the way back to when I first arrived in Australia. In fact, I wrote these exact words:

I remember feeling remarkably calm when I eventually got to my friends house in Melbourne and just taking everything in as I cruised down the Great Ocean Road for the first time a couple of days later.

So before I get in to the whole release information and all important links, I thought it would be cool to share some of my favourite pictures from the first 2 weeks I spent in Australia as I went around the treasured coastline. Was I really here…

Melbourne Botanical Gardens
Portsea Coastline
Hiking along the Great Ocean Walk
The 12 Apostles

Release Information

I’m pleased to say that this track is out now on all the usual streaming outlets such as Spotify and iTunes and it’s available via the Electronic Alliance Records Beatport Page. However, I also have this track available to download from my website store with STEEM, which are tokens you earn for using the Steem network (so in a way, it’s kinda free if you join in the fun 😉). You can stream the track here on Spotify if you can’t see the player below:

Back On Air

If you really miss hearing my voice, don’t worry. Firstly, I have a cold at the moment and my voice feels like it has been blowtorched, so you’re not missing out! Secondly, I’ll be back on air on the @spotlight.artist (Spotlight On The Artist) show on Friday 24th January at 18:00-20:00 UK Time, running my mouth about all kinds of things relating to music, STEEM and EMA and then playing out this track as well.

So if you want to hear about the latest shenanigans, it’d be great to have your company!

Until the next time, take it easy


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