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On A Roll!

So I jokingly call myself “Captain Snail” after it takes me so long to get back to anyone about anything. Let’s face it, if it’s not within 5 seconds then it’s a slow response time right haha!

But I’m in a bit of a releasing “purple patch” at the moment where every two weeks since mid October, a new track has been released through the Electronic Alliance Records label that I co-run with DaveyHub and Bufinjer – this is prolific by my standards as I went through a barren period with my music for a couple of years.

Nonetheless, since the Electronic Music Alliance was set up in Jan 2019, I’ve been inspired by more and more music producers who’ve joined the fun and games, shared their tunes and positive vibes which creates its own positive spiral. This leads to creativity and also means I’m on a roll!

So what’s the latest release then? Let’s find out!

“Guardian Angel”

Similar to the last release called “Always Looking Over You“, Guardian Angel is inspired from the feeling that there were a few angles keeping me safe during my travels except the energy is a little different from the off. The cheerful melody begins from the second you hit play and I experimented with a few different chord sequences to give this one a bit more euphoria on the breakdowns.

Guardian Angel artwork thanks to @gabrielatravels

When I was on the @spotlight.artist show last Friday, we always joke about their two henchmen – Lefty and Knuckles – that keep me pinned down so I don’t go wandering off and keep me in check! You could say they “have their ways of persuasion” but in an ironic way, they are are the guardian angels of Spotlight on the Artist so this goes out to you guys too haha!

Back to the travelling though, I was amazed to see that one of my travel blogs won 1st prize in @invisusmundi’s latest travel writing contest. As if sharing the great adventure wasn’t enough but it earned me top spot which I’m grateful for!

I never know how the blogs are going to be received, I just write them for fun and see how it goes. Some go further than others which is awesome! Make sure you sign yourselves up on @travelfeed if you enjoy travel related content – here’s a sign-up link for you.

Release Details

“Guardian Angel” was released on Electronic Alliance Records on 14th February 2020 and is available on pretty much all music streaming outlets but if you’re on Spotify, add it to your playlist here and enjoy!

If you’re following me on the Steem network, you can also download the track on my website here via STEEM where it’s effectively a free download if you actively engage with my blog there as I give tokens out to commenters – thanks to those of you that do get involved!

#2020km Challenge

Yes, I’m still in one piece so far with this year’s big challenge! A big thanks to every one who’s been showing their support on my efforts this year where I’m trying to reach 2,020km (1,255 miles) in 2020 by a combination of running and hiking! Over 10% now and a full update to come at the end of the month, if I’ve not fallen apart!

Catch you soon and as always, take it easy!


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