2020 Story So Far – EMA, Your Top 3 & 2020km Challenge

Lots On The Plate

I’d be lying if I wasn’t finding all those things mentioned in the title a challenge, adding to that the fact there’s an offline life to live as well which I know everyone has and can appreciate. I’m not always on social media but those I prefer to use are Steem and Twitter with Spotify to share and listen to music so if you want to keep up to date then that’s where you can find me so I apologise if sometimes I go a bit quiet but there’s a lot on the plate and I’m just one guy struggling along.

Having said that, I am grateful to work with Bufinjer and DaveyHub on the Electronic Music Alliance blogs, newsletters and general sharing of tunes & shows where I can. I’m also appreciative of the 3 other musketeers I co-run the monthly “Your Top 3 Contest” with – @plantstoplanks, @foxyspirit and @cheese4ead – who are always there when I’m not feeling too good!

Both of these communities are full of cool characters from around the globe and they are always inspiring me with their positive vibes. They do say there’s a reason like-minded people come together and I can see why – as @traciyork would say (with a gif), it’s “amazeballs”! Whatever that means haha 😄

So let’s have a quick update on the goings on with these projects and a little bit on the music side of things!

Electronic Music Alliance

Every time I talk about EMA when I’m on the Spotlight On The Artist show (@spotlight.artist), I smile from ear to ear because every time I log in to our Discord or my Twitter feed, there’s people supporting each other, giving advice, bantering, sharing tunes and playlists – how can you not smile!

When Davey, Buf and me set this up, we just hoped that people would embrace the idea of the platform that we were trying to build – meet new friends, share production tips, collaboration and support each other. 14 months later and there’s a Discord community full of electronic music producers doing just that. As the saying goes, a community is only as good as the sum of its parts and the EMAliens are the friendliest bunch I’ve come across.

Lots of changes have happened this year already as we launch ourselves in to making DJ Mixes which have re-ignited my mixing and live streaming interests, reaching out to radio stations and getting air time there – thanks to Skylab, Radio Dark Tunnel and Mad Wasp Radio for playing out our music – and going down the line of genre specific playlists. I’m eyeing up a monthly Spotify Liquid DnB playlist from March 😃

Your Top 3

This is a bit of fun that the four of us run over on Steem where we ask the world what their Top 3 things are about a specific topic we choose at the beginning of each month. Again, our idea was to really get people to tell a story and reflect on each choice and some really get stuck in with their tales – it’s great to see!

All of the nominations then get entered in to poll where everyone can vote and the winners win a prize using a “pub quiz” style entry fee system. We also have a chat forum where there are fun discussions around the topics and with our new leagues in place, there is stiff competition to be the ultimate Champion at the end of the year haha! Feel free to get involved and follow us here.

2020km Challenge

If you’re following me on Strava, you’d have seen me posting almost every day this month so far as I desperately am trying to catch up to where I should be. So far I’ve ran & hiked a total of over 260km so far but I should be looking at being closed to 300km if I could meet the daily average distance of 5.52km each day… I’ll be posting a full update for the end of February with charts and everything so maybe I’ll be able to catch up by then? We’ll see!

As I’ve mentioned before, I am doing this challenge to try and raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society, which affects many families, including my own as Nana developed dementia 10 year ago. It’s a crippling disease that erodes away at the brain, affecting memory initially and eventually changes the behaviour of the individual and affecting whole families. If you’d like to sponsor me, then the page to donate can be found here – I’ll be updating the page with the big 2020km update next week.

New Music?

Ah yes, of course, I’ll have new music to share with you next week as track number 4 of the Travel Diaries EP comes to the fray called “Dreamer”! I’ll be gatecrashing Spotlight On The Artist yet again and sharing the tune with you so if you’re around then you’ll be able to hear this so called “Radio Personality” then! In the meantime, enjoy the Havey Catalogue on my Spotify profile below:

Until the next time, take it easy hey!


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