Join Me On Steem’s “Spotlight On The Artist” – Friday 14th 2020 – 18:00-20:00 UTC

Headline Says It All…

…Literally! End of blog, see ya!

Just kidding! It would be great if you were around to join me on the show though as @d-vine and @onemedia have “convinced” me in their own “unique” way by sending around their “charmers” – “Leftie” and “Knuckles”! The fact these “helpers” have had me on watch all week, licking their lips at the prospect of chaining my feet to the desk so I’m not going anywhere for the show tomorrow!

Gotta love those in jokes hey!

What I’ll Be Talking About…

It’d probably be a good idea to give a little bit of an insight in to what I’m going to be talking about tomorrow, if time permits, seeing as it’s been a ridiculous week with the company I work at having their annual “kick-off” meeting and have barely had time to be online… perhaps for the better!

“Guardian Angel”

Boom! I’m going to be talking about my latest release called “Guardian Angel” which is out on 14th Feb 2020! I didn’t even think about it being “Valentine’s Day” really but even the accidental release schedule is probably appropriate for this one seeing as the track is a happy feeling liquid Drum & Bass track, spreading those good vibes around!

Again, very much related to my traveling adventures last year and is kinda like the sentiment around “Always Looking Over You” but more of a general feeling that we’re surrounded by guardian angels in various forms who’ve got our backs and look out for us. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Thanks to @gabrielatravels for the artwork on this!

Electronic Music Alliance

I’ll give a quick update on what’s going on with our Mothership as the EMAliens are getting supported by some awesome radio stations such as Radio Dark Tunnel, Mad Wasp Radio, Skylab Radio and of course, Spotlight On The Artist. DJ Mixes are what we’re currently focusing on and those are starting to run smoothly with mixes lined up for the rest of February and early March. We’re also eyeing up our Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 2, which is a compilation of releases from the talented producers – more on that as we get closer to the time!

I also have a Liquid Drum & Bass mix coming up very soon that I’ve been working on which will be on Radio Dark Tunnel – will tease a little more about that tomorrow haha!

Your Top 3 Contest

I didn’t get a chance to squeeze this one in before but hopefully will be able to this time round as I co-run a fun monthly contest on the Steem platform called @yourtop3 where we pick a topic and ask people to write about their top 3 favourite things about it – we love reading all the stories! And it seems to be gaining popularity every month with prizes given out at the end for those whose nominations were voted on in the poll! With our leagues adding another dimension this year and more ways to win, why not get involved? You’ll make our mascot, Q, very happy indeed!

Epic Whiteboard?

When I got back from my long meeting earlier, I had a package waiting for me in my room… my long awaited whiteboard! Henceforth known as “Havey’s Awesome Board of Cool Sh*t”. In other words, my to-do list to help me keep on top of all the things I need to do or am involved with outside of my actual career at the company I work at during the week. I have literally almost run out of room… and I haven’t even put my 2020km challenge on there lol!

This is why I need a clone!!

I have to say, it was very therapeutic getting all of those to-dos down – you can probably see that I couldn’t wait to do it seeing as I didn’t hang up the whiteboard yet and there’s still packaging around with the scissors used to cut it with! Add “tidy up whiteboard packaging” to that list haha!

Anyway, before this turns in to a nonsensical ramble and tomorrow actually comes, I’ll close off now and catch you tomorrow!


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