Latest Drum & Bass Release Gives Nod To 90s Club Classic


Oh yes, if you were around last night to tune in to @spotlight.artist’s show on @msp-waves, you’d have been treated to a plethora of beats from the guests @inthenow, @lettersfrommouse and @halo4shaun but it was when I was on that things got a bit “Drum & Bassy”… as they usually do haha! This was when it was time to play the latest release of mine called “Dreamer”.

The fourth track of the Travel Diaries EP is one of the highest energy tracks of the lot with a nod to the classic 90s club track from Livin’ Joy called Dreamer. See if you can spot the influences!

What I wanted to get across in this one is the feeling of pure positive vibes and inspiration to help whoever listened in feel energised to go for their dreams in life.

Travelling Dreams

For me, that dream was to go to New Zealand, travel around and explore this amazing country, which I did last year in an adventure travel group and on my own for 2 and a half weeks after. I’ve been sharing my travel experiences over on a dedicated travel blog website called @travelfeed and you can catch up with the latest edition of my road trip here.

“Dreamer” artwork – thanks to @gabrielatravels

When I was driving along some of the epic coastlines, hiking on some of the great mountain ranges, I couldn’t help but smile and it really didn’t matter that the car I drove in the South Island didn’t have a car stereo – I was beaming from ear to ear regardless, like a child… still am!

The way my talented graphic designer friend on Steem, @gabrielatravels, captured that feeling of wonder with the epic artwork she created above. Once I’ve paid off some of the new car expenses from earlier, I’ll have some more artwork projects for you my friend! Meanwhile, here are just 3 of some of my favourite snaps from the NZ adventure – there’s SO many to choose!

Highway 6 view point, South Island (my social media cover photo!)
Duck giving me attitude at “That Wanaka Tree” in Wanaka
Like a scene from Independence Day on the way to Milford Sound!

So as you can imagine, it’s no surprise why I might be smiling and feeling grateful to have this opportunity to travel. I doubt this will be the last time I go on a big adventure but for now, it’s time to reimburse the bank account with some money so I can afford to go somewhere again!

Release Details

OK, seeing as this IS meant to be a music release blog, I might as well share with you some useful links as to where you can get the track! Thanks to the way our community run Electronic Alliance Records label works with EMA, you can of course add it to your Spotify playlist if you clicked on the player at the top. Then there’s iTunes, Beatport and Amazon but if you follow me on Steem, you can also get the track using STEEM or SBD from my website here.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my music on all platforms, I’m just glad you’re enjoying the beats, will do my best to keep them coming!

Until the next time, take it easy and DnB on!


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