Out Now – “Always Looking Over You” [Progressive Liquid Drum & Bass]

“It Builds And Builds…”

…and builds until we get to an ultimate crescendo of happy liquid drum & bass vibes! When I first shared this one on Twitter on release day (31st January), I wasn’t expecting anything really. It’s probably for the best to have no expectations with what you post and be grateful for any feedback you get… BUT… I did forewarn that it was a “cinematic, celestial dnb track”.

If you’re expecting it to hit the beat straight away like quite a few of my tracks do then I urge you to bear with it, close your eyes and feel the energy build for the first 3 minutes, then let rip!

The Story

You know me, there’s always a story behind the tracks although the reason for “Always Looking Over You” is a mixed bag of emotions. I initially began working on it back in 2011 after my Nan passed away, suffering with a few medical conditions but the one that affected her personality the most was vascular dementia, a form of Alzheimer’s.

However, after her passing, it felt like she was still around us and Mum told me of a couple of events that happened up to the funeral. They were certainly supernatural but many others who I’ve spoken to have told me about similar things happening between a close one passing and their funeral. As though they are still there with us in spirit, letting us know everything is OK.

And it’s that theme which kinda stayed with me all the way up to my travels last year. When I was on Spotlight On The Artist (@spotlight.artist) on Friday, I mentioned this feeling that, during the 2 and a half weeks I was on my own in New Zealand, it never really felt like I was on my own. In a strange, inexplicable way, I had the believe that Nana was there, always looking over me and enjoying the scenery too.

I’ll be sharing that 2 week section of my trip in the next few blogs over on my Travelfeed page and there were a couple of scary moments I have to say! Stay tuned on those!

Release Details

The track was released on Electronic Alliance Records, the community run label of the Electronic Music Alliance, on 31st January 2020 and is available on pretty much all music streaming outlets but if you’re on Spotify, add it to your playlist here.

If you’re following me on the Steem network, you can also download the track on my website here where it’s effectively a free download if you actively engage with my blog there as I give tokens out – thanks to those of you that do get involved!

#2020km Challenge

Of course a big shout out to every one who’s been showing their support on the previous post about the 2020km challenge I’m doing this year where I’m trying to reach 2,020km (1,255 miles) in 2020 by a combination of running and hiking! Wasn’t expecting such a warm response but it’s all for a good cause – check out the announcement post here to find out more about what’s going on!

Catch you soon and as always, take it easy!


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