Storm’s A’brewin…

Blessing In Disguise

As my UK friends will testify, storm “Ciara” (our 3rd named storm to hit the UK and Ireland so far this year – check out this cool info article to see how the names are worked out), it’s been torrid out there today with really heavy rain and winds that have caused chaos. Any thoughts I had of trying to do a hike today for the #2020km challenge were literally swept away – rather the thoughts would be swept away than me actually! The last thing we need is a horrible rendition of “Havey Poppins”!

On a serious note, hope everyone has managed to stay safe from the storm.

A Different Kind Of Storm…

But what it has done is allowed me to catch up on a few things this weekend, most notably, finalising my Liquid Drum & Bass DJ Mix for EMA which will appear on the awesome Radio Dark Tunnel thanks to Miss Efemby working her magic! I’m all done “mixing up a storm” and I can’t wait for it to be aired on 26th Feb – how I missed the thrill of finding tracks, putting them together, mashing them up to create new sounds and then create the journey for all to enjoy.

Liquid Lovers

Something I’m going to be doing now is making playlists of the tracks I’ve used so that everyone can find them and enjoy them like I have. What I’ve loved about EMA is it’s forced me to explore and use Spotify, which is something I never did before and I love it!

Still trying to get my head around things but it’s music discovery algorithms are spot on – seems to find some gems I’ve missed that I am featuring on the mix – I’ll share it in more detail with you after the show airs! And with the variety on the EMA playlists, I get a nice blend of chill, trance and house added in to it too!

I think I’ll need to get the live shows going again… but first, a whiteboard needs to be purchased so I can actually keep on top of all the activities I need to do! Having it all stored up in your head is a recipe for a mental implosion 😜

EMA Blogs

Yeaaaaa! Managed to get this badboy written for the latest EMA blog, which are a weekly thing and we’ve added a service called “Soundsgood” to our usual playlist distribution.

What this service does is it shares the playlists out on many platforms that a person is registered to and we thought we’d kill a few birds with one stone here. Not everyone uses Spotify so this looks for the tracks on other platforms like Soundcloud, YouTube, Deezer etc and can follow the playlist on your preferred streaming site – pretty cool! Here’s a link to our Soundsgood for this month’s Spotify based playlist.

Rest, Recovery, Re-energise

And of course, the stormy weather has given me a chance to get some much needed R & R from the battering it’s been taking from the running and hiking challenge I’ve set myself this year. I think I’ve made a pretty decent start and my brother is telling me not to go all guns blazing, which is something I am prone to do and have found out that my body is not quite as adept as it was 10 years ago!

Limping an hour after a run or hike isn’t something I was hoping would happen so soon but something I feared might happen. Looks like I may be substituting out the running element for a lot more hiking during the summer months and maybe trim down to 2, max 3 runs during the week. No point in overdoing it when I’m not quite 10% through the distance and still have 11 months to go.

So today is definitely “rest” day on that front, although I may start doing the old push up and sit-up routine as that’s slipped a bit as well. “There’s only so many hours in the day”… Maybe I should wake up earlier and get more hours haha… ok ok, point taken, will take it easier hey.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend folks, enjoy the rest of it and catch you during the week where I’ll start talking about the next release coming up on Friday!


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