Why Is It So Quiet Over Here…?

It’s Because I’m Working On Something EPIC…

Look, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a bit of a baron desert over here with the lack of activity. If I was able to blog and engage on social media more than I’ve been able to the last few days, I would but I’ve been scraping the rust off the old DJ mixing skills, blowing the dust off the Pioneer 1s and 2s and seeking some tracks.

“Why would you do that?” I hear you cry…

Well, I literally told you in the heading there 😜

Thing is about doing this creative stuff and getting in “the zone”, time becomes irrelevant. You are just letting everything flow and that pure focus on getting something done means a lot to anyone creative.

I’m pretty sure those who have ever created something can relate to this, whether you’re a photographer, painter, heck even a blogger… once you’re in that moment, you find yourself being immensely productive – it’s amazing.

DJ Mixes

Creating a DJ Mix is something I’ve not done since before I went travelling in April 2019 and being a part of the Electronic Music Alliance has kinda forced me to pull my finger out my arse and get back on it (once I’ve washed my hands of course 😄).

I used to do a show once every 2 months for a couple of years with the Platform Project and I suspect I’ll be sniffing around to see if DJ Pi would be up for having me back on the show for a guest mix or mayyyyybe opening up the doors again for a regular slot.

This may need an upgrade…

I have missed the challenge of finding tracks to mix together in a way that sometimes makes a new track appear out of the mash-up. Not only that but also blending music from relative unknowns in with some of the bigger names, if it’s possible that is! And the mix I’m working on for the end of the month is no different.

What Are The Tunes Then?

I received a few beats from the EMAliens and I’m squeezing in one of mine of course! Always got to see how my own tracks stack up against the big guns and I’ll be featuring some tunes that have really made me zen out with their awesome vibes.

One thing I’ll also be doing after I get the mix finalised is make a Spotify Playlist with the tracks on so everyone can go check out the music as mixes can be a nice snapshot in to the full tune. As the mix will be played out on Radio Dark Tunnel, they’ll, quite rightly, only allow tracks that have been officially released, which is fine with me as I still buy music if I like what I hear to support the artist who made it. I can’t wait to start recording it!

In Other News…

#2020km Challenge

The #2020km Challenge is starting to break me a bit haha! Picked up a bit of a calf strain on the left leg, which I rested on Thursday then did a mega hike today to try and catch up to the required daily average but I’m dangerously close to 200km now for the year so far (197km) which is not bad going considering it’s usually dark when I go out running and I’ve not really run that far in training for at least 5 years, certainly not in a 5 week period!

Here’s the graph of current progress – you can see I’m closing the gap (the blue line is my current average daily distance and the red line is my current required daily distance. Numbers wise, the blue line is currently at 5.072 km and the red line is 5.572 km. Things might be interesting with this storm about to batter the UK though…

I’ll be donating a portion of the STEEM that this blog gets over on my steem blog to the Alzheimer’s Society, which is the chosen charity for this challenge – if you’d like to donate anything to help then please visit the JustGiving page I’ve set up here.

New Wheels!

Hell yeah! I was umming and erring about getting a new car as my current one is a bit overkill for the journeys I’m doing and there are more energy efficient models out there (plus I wanted to reduce my monthly payments). So I went for a test drive on Vauxhall’s/Opel’s new Corsa range and I have to say, VERY impressed with this little hatchback now! The turbo they’ve put in the 1.2L 100BHP engine makes it feel not too dissimilar to the Astra.

I was sold on it, particularly when they then said they will knock £30/month off on my finance plan which is huge! Means I can buy more music, save it for a holiday, steem… the list goes on!

Sadly, I’m going to have to wait for another month before it arrives but it’ll be worth the wait!

Until next time, take it easy and will be posting a little more in the next few days as I’ll be on Spotlight On The Artist (@spotlight.artist) again on Friday 14th with a new release – feel the buzz!


Cover photo taken by me travelling through Death Valley in 2015

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