Latest Liquid Drum & Bass Release – “Your Time Is Now” (As Featured on MSP Waves 13th March 2020)

MSP Waves

You may have seen the tweets I’ve been sharing about this radio station called MSP Waves but they have been a big supporter of my music on the Steem social media platform and the members from the Electronic Music Alliance as they regularly “invite” me (via the medium of their two henchmen – Lefty & Knuckles) to their show “Spotlight On The Artist”, where we get to talk about music, travel, life and general joking around.

Yesterday, we talked about my latest release called “Your Time Is Now”, which is out on the Electronic Alliance Records label, and here’s the Spotify link for you to stream to your heart’s content, add it to your playlist and share it about the place if you wanted to! Due to licencing restrictions, they aren’t allowed to upload the recording so “what happens in the chat stays in the chat”, you’ll just have to tune in next time 😉

Your Time Is Now

During the show, we talked about how all these tracks are related to each other and will be released as general 6 track EP on the 10th April called Travel Diaries but they each have their own story to tell. As I was travelling through New Zealand on my own, I went on many hikes and road trips, reaching the top of mountains with some spectacular scenery.

During this short window of time last year, I knew that I’d be back in the “real world”, which lead to an epiphany where I decided to try and do as much as I could and that it is best to live in the present moment, being grateful for what you have right now. In the show last night, I was sharing some of my travel pictures with the audience as the track was playing out to help take them on the journey with me. Here are some of the pics I shared.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing – “Mount Doom”/ Ngauruhoe
Beautiful lakes on the Tongariro Crossing
Snow-capped scenes at Mount Cook NP (ruined by me lol)

I’ll be bringing you more travel blogs as time goes on over on my @travelfeed blog and will go in to more detail about these amazing places. If you ever get a chance to visit or are planning on going to Australia or New Zealand, let me know as I can recommend a few places and have put together some itineraries.

Again, a big thanks to the talented @gabrielatravels who I met on Steem for her epic artwork. She makes some amazing travel videos and blogs as well here, sharing hidden gems from her home country of Romania so she totally gets the whole travel and music concept – a perfect fit for the whole Travel Diaires EP really! Hoping we can meet up at some point once we’re allowed to leave our houses!

Your Time Is now

Release Information

“Your Time Is Now” was released on the Electronic Alliance Records label, which is run by the EMA Community, on 13th March 2020 and is available on Spotify playlist if you clicked on the player at the top. Then there’s iTunesBeatport and Amazon but if you follow me on Steem, you can also get the track using STEEM or SBD from my website here.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my music on all platforms, I’m just glad you’re enjoying the beats, will do my best to keep them coming!

Until the next time, take it easy and DnB on!


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