New Liquid Drum & Bass – “Spotlight On The Artist” – Friday 27th March 18:00-20:00 UTC!

MSP Waves Time!

Oh yeah, it’s that time again where I’ll be pinned down by Spotlight on the Artist (SOTA) henchmen – Lefty and Knuckles – to talk about an up and coming music release called “Night Sky” which completes the 6 single releases of the Travel Diaries EP!

Although I haven’t had confirmation the show is on tomorrow, the henchmen haven’t loosened their grip so can only assume it’s business as usual! The show is always a good laugh with @onemedia and @d-vine hosting and a host of guests with great music to share with the world, particularly prevalent at this time with the global crisis.

“Night Sky”

This final track rounds up the Travel Diaries EP with a more somber liquid DnB track, reflecting on what was a truly epic trip last year when I gratefully went travelling around Australia & New Zealand between April and June 2019.

Although I did some amazing stuff during the day and saw beautiful landscapes, the night sky still paints an amazing picture and even after the Sun sets, we can still be dazzled by the stars that provide a beautiful backdrop to the landscape.

Night Sky artwork – thanks to @gabrielatravels

The bassline in this track is actually inspired by one of my favourite liquid dnb tracks by High Contrast – Make It Tonight. Obviously, I’m never making anything as epic as what comes from the producers at Hospital Records but their artists have had a lot of influence on my style from LogisticsLondon Elektricity and Nu:Tone to name a few!

Release Information

Night Sky will be released on Electronic Alliance Records on 27th March 2020 and will be available to stream on the usual outlets like Spotify and iTunes and will be downloadable from my website – watch out for the announcement over the weekend!

Thank You Health Workers

Before I sign off this blog, I just wanted to share a good news story about the current coronavirus situation – at least a small gesture. Earlier tonight at 8pm, in the UK, we had a national event where everyone stood by their front doors, balconies, windows and gave a huge round of applause and standing ovation for our NHS (National Health Services) nurses, doctors, specialists and staff who are putting their own lives on the line to help those affected by the coronavirus.

So thank you, you legends for everything you do, looking after those in need and to those in the general public who are pulling together to help local communities and those more vulnerable!

Catch you on SOTA – Friday 27th at 18:00-20:00 UTC on MSP-Waves


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