New Liquid Drum & Bass Track Out Now – “Night Sky”

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And That’s a Wrap…

Yeah buddies! The final track of the 6 part liquid drum & bass Travel Diaries EP is now released on the Electronic Alliance Records called Night Sky!

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since I went off traveling to Australia and New Zealand and it just goes to show how much things can change in 12 months. You think of the fires that swept across Australia, the volcanic eruption and earthquakes off the north coast of the North Island in New Zealand, now the global pandemic of the coronavirus… just stay safe everyone!

In the meantime, music producers are looking to busy themselves away in the studio to work on new projects to help give you awesome music lovers something to keep you going through the lockdown period! For me, I’m looking to bring more tunes and finish up some unfinished drum and bass symphonies but first, let’s get through today’s release!

Night Sky

We take a little trip down to the deeper, more reflective side of liquid dnb here as I look back on what was a phenomenal adventure. I remember some of the beautiful night skies that were lit up by a dancing array of stars, just as inspiring as some of the natural landscapes I encountered in day time on my New Zealand road trip.

Probably the most “wow” moment was when I was driving over to Mount Cook and Lake Pukaki via Highway 8, the so called “Starlight Highway” because it’s got no light pollution whatsoever and you have clear views of the Milky Way. Unfortunately, armed with only my smart phone camera, there’s no point in trying to take a decent picture of night scenes – we’ve all tried it, it ends up looking like your phone has gone off in your pocket!

The Sun leaves an amazing orange glow behind Mount Aspiring NP on the Starlight Highway

However, earlier on my drive, the Sun had just dropped down behind the Mount Aspiring National Park and created an incredible orange tint behind them. It was these scenes that formed the inspiration for the track and I’ll have more about that epic road trip in a future travel blog. Here’s the Spotify player for you to add to your playlist should you so wish:


Unfortunately, they had to cancel the show this week and next week for Spotlight On The Artist due to health concerns and I have got no problem with that whatsoever – health always comes first and I wish the team at MSP Waves a speedy recovery. Get well soon @d-vine and @onemedia!

It just means that Lefty and Knuckles will be enforcing my lock down for a little longer until the team are back at full capacity – and I really mean enforcing lol!

Release Details

“Night Sky” was released on the Electronic Alliance Records label, which is run by the EMA Community, on 27th March 2020 and is available on Spotify playlist if you clicked on the player above. Then there’s iTunesBeatport and Amazon and even on my website here.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my music on all platforms, I’m just glad you’re enjoying the beats, will do my best to keep them coming!

Until the next time, take it easy and DnB on!


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