2020 km Challenge for Alzheimer’s Society – Donations From STEEM/HIVE Supporters – THANK YOU!

From Who, What?

From STEEM/Hive supporters of course! If you’ve been following me for the last 2 years on my website or Twitter, you’ll have seen me mention a blogging platform called STEEM (now called HIVE) where content creators and consumers can earn tokens for… well… creating and consuming!

You can then put these tokens back in to your account to grow it and support other content creators and consumers or you can exchange the tokens into fiat money (£, $ etc.). A bit like how you would if you were travelling to a different country and needed to change currencies – fingers crossed we can all travel again once this pandemic is over!

As my website is intricately connected to this platform (thanks to the hard work of some clever developers at @steempress), you may have noticed at the bottom of the posts some interesting numbers with a $ sign. This is what that particular article earned on the STEEM/HIVE platform as shown in the screen shots below. Basically, your posts get voted on and, at the end of 7 days, the votes are tallied and you get your final post payout:

March Report on STEEM earned $7.47

So why am I telling you this?

Charity Donations

In my monthly progress reports of my “2020 km by Hiking and Running” Challenge for Alzheimer’s Society, I said I would contribute half of whatever that post paid out and the numbers in green in the screenshots above are what those articles earned thanks to those who support me on STEEM/HIVE.

So in total it’s $25.36 for this quarter of blog payouts, divided in half gives $12.68… but that’s not a great amount… So I’ll convert the $25.36 in to £ which pretty much gives us the golden number…

Converted at XE.com

So I’ll round the donation up to £20.20 to the Just Giving page and here you go – see for yourself here! Pretty cool hey?

Thank YOU to everyone who has supported me so far! 99 days in at time of writing and hopefully can continue with the challenge this year if we are still allowed to go out to exercise once per day with our lock down in place and I can stay injury and illness free of course!

If you wanted to make your own donations, head on over to my Just Giving page or, if you’re not on HIVE yet and are interested in supporting on there, let me know and we can get you set up!

Coming up next, hype for the upcoming release on 10th April! Oooo yeah! Until then, take it easy!


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