All Aboard The Havey Music Express!

“Did You Actually Just…”

Say that? Yes I did! But why?! Well, I’ve been cooped up in the music studio this Easter weekend (we have Friday and Monday off in the UK) and along with the lockdown, cabin fever starts to set in, making me a little more loopy and eccentric than my normal levels!

But hey, it’s given me a chance to be REALLY productive and finish off some tunes I’d had written up on the “Whiteboard of Awesome”. Yes, I did just say that as well 😃 So what stations are we stopping at on the “Havey Line”? All aboard!


Back On The Platform Project!

Yeahhh buddies! First stop is the Platform Project! I’ve been working on getting together a 1 hour Liquid Drum & Bass mix for the show I used to co-run for a couple of years before going travelling this time last year. It’s taken me a while to find my feet again since I came back but long time friend DJ Pi, has kept it going on Bassport FM, which sounds like it’s gone through some massive and awesome changes of its own!

The Platform Project is a show aimed at giving up and coming Drum & Bass producers a platform to push their music careers forward and get some recognition, as well as sharing some of our favourites from years gone by. Hopefully I’ve still got some of the skill I had before I went travelling to pull off the livestream! We’ll see on the 18th I guess! More information coming up about that this week so you don’t miss it!

Non-Drum & Bass Music

That’s right! I’ve been encouraged by the EMA community and contests I’ve entered on a cool social media site called Hive to go outside of my comfort zone and dip into other genres of music. Along with fellow EMA co-founder Bufinjer, we’ve concocted a 9 track EP called “Out of Our Comfort Zone” which is set for release on Electronic Alliance Records on 24th April 2020. I’ll have more on that as we approach the station but expect attempts at breakbeat, drumstep and hard style!

Artwork skillfully crafted by @bufinjer

Drum & Bass Music

As for my favourite genre, I have a Drum & Bass remix of fellow co-founder DaveyHub‘s original called Circle of Stars. I really enjoyed the trance like nature of the track and the old school sounding piano, which caused my 174 BPM beating heart to kick in and we can’t wait to share this one with you on the 8th May. Meanwhile, here’s the original:

Artwork not so skillfully crafted by me haha

I’ve also had exciting news back from @tygertyger who has laid down some amazing vocals on my instrumental “trance-meets-liquid-dnb” track Nebula. There isn’t a release date set as of yet for this one but let’s do it now – 22nd May 2020, how does that sound? Meanwhile, here’s the original 😁

Choo Choo!

Alright folks, welcome aboard the Havey Express, hopefully you’ll enjoy these destinations and I’ll have more information as we pull up closer to these rave stations. Next announcement coming soon!


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