DaveyHub’s Epic DnB Mix of Our Tracks & EMA Newsletter!

Ending April On A High!

Despite all the crazy real world stuff that’s going on right now, it’s given us music producers a chance to spend a bit more time in the studio and EMA Co-Founder DaveyHub put together a 1 hour blockbusting mix combining 6 tracks of each of ours, including remixes and collabs we’ve done together. On the mix, Davey had this to say:

I created the mix because I’ve worked with Nicky on a couple of tracks and remixes and just had a good feeling that our songs would work well together

And he isn’t wrong there – listen for yourself! If you can’t see the player below then click on the image to head over to the Mixcloud page and enjoy!

Click the image to listen in to the mix!


Daveyhub + Nicky Havey – Stargazing (Radio Edit) – 00:00

Starting off the set is mine and Davey’s “Radio Edit” mash-up of our different versions of Stargazing, which combines his downtempo “Celestial Sphere” version with my “Dark Matter” version that got played 4 TIMES ON BBC INTRODUCING! We definitely were pinching ourselves when appeared 4 weeks in a row in 2019 and it seems a fitting opener that leads in to the full swing of Drum & Bass!

Nicky Havey – Black Hole – 04:04

Next up is my track Black Hole which is a blast from the past. I came back from travelling around the world in 2015 and the travel blues hit me really hard. After spending time travelling around with an adventure group for a few weeks and then back home to nothing… yeah, definitely felt like a Black Hole! This liquid DnB track epitomises that feeling and seems to be fitting in the current pandemic too.

Daveyhub – Solar Flare – 08:07

I tried to find this on Spotify and Soundcloud but I’m guessing it never actually got released by Davey. The space theme continues with Solar Flare here, which takes you on an interstellar journey. A bit like how a solar flare dances through the Universe after it’s been expelled from the Sun. Watch out for that juicy bassline though 😉

Nicky Havey + Tyger Tyger – Nebula – 12:54

Another exclusive for the mix is here as TygerTyger shows her incredible vocal range with an ethereal operatic side, a powerful side and a gentle side as she beautifully fills the void that was left in the instrumental original. This will be released on Electronic Alliance Records on the 22nd May, keep a look out for the blogs but here’s the instrumental released last year:

Daveyhub – Terraforming – 17:30

Full on bassline switch mode operated here as Terraforming from Daveyhub kicks in. The mood slightly changes and takes us back in time to the beginning of the Universe as worlds were being shaped and literally morphing. A great dramatic ambiance created in this one that will give you an energy boost for sure.

Nicky Havey – Overload – 22:17

The liquid vibes return with my track Overload that I made because I was simply overloaded from work/life and needed to express and release it in some way. Well, obviously that way is liquid Drum & Bass haha! Heavy drum beat, wobbling bassline and dreamy atmospheres for you here.

Daveyhub – Ghost in the Piano – 26:19

Another one from Davey’s Multiverse Theory EP sees us be embraced by Ghost in the Piano which has the rumbling bassline switched in from Overload and literally, a ghostly piano that floats over the top of it as the atmospheres build throughout to a crescendo.

Nicky Havey – Dreamer – 32:12

I was very happy that Davey wanted to include this one in his mix as it is definitely one of my all time personal favourites I’ve made. The energy I put in to this reflected celebration and being grateful to have a dream come true to travel around the world last year to Australia & New Zealand before all the saddening tragedies happened with the fires, the volcanic eruption and now coronavirus changing the world as we know.

Daveyhub – Echo.Mike.Alpha – 37:04

Things start getting dark… and really heavy as Davey shares with us his latest Drum & Bass big hitter that was released on Electronic Alliance Records’ Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 2. If you like your big hoover basses then strap yourselves in, this one goes off!

Daveyhub – Circle of Stars (Nicky Havey Remix) – 42:35

Next in line is another exclusive, unreleased track where I put a liquid drum & bass twist on Davey’s really cool original track called “Circle of Stars”. The old school piano melodies are what got my juices going here and can’t wait to share the release with you, it’s coming up on 8th May on Electronic Alliance Records! Here’s the original:

Daveyhub – The Multiverse Theory – 48:08

One final nod to the Multiverse Theory EP from Davey with a track of the same name. A similar theme appears with those celestial sounding synths and smooth liquid drum patterns to keep you bouncing through in this one.

Skyline Tigers – A Space Lullaby (Daveyhub + Nicky Havey Rework) – 52:31

The mix finishes how it started really, with a collab between myself and Davey but with the beautiful voice of Skyline Tigers accompanying the liquid dnb beats. In fact, the original was a lovely one made by Llama lady herself and captured our imaginations. She was very happy with what we did with the rework which made us happy and the positive vibes continued. Fitting way to finish an epic set

EMA April 2020 Newsletter

Before I sign off this blog, we just posted our monthly EMA newsletter which has all the latest information from the EMAlien Mothership, more electronic music playlists and DJ Mixes with a plethora of styles to suit everyone’s electronic music needs plus I interviewed Tripjacker and found out a bit more about this talented producer. Check it out!

That’s all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed the tunes and as always, take it easy and catch you soon


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