Full Breakdown of EMA’s Latest Compilation – Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 2

EMA Is At It Again!

Yeahhhh boys and girls! It’s time for the next instalment of the Electronic Music Alliance’s quarterly compilation where we have a collection of 20 tracks covering a multitude of genres! Following the success of our 1 year celebration release 3 months ago, we thought we’d keep it going and this time around, we had a theme going that was suggested by fellow EMAlien Andrew Gabriel – see if you can spot it 😉

So without any further ado, let’s get going on the run down of this release then shall we? I’ve put the tracks in to my own genres so you can see at a glance from the contents table above if you wanted to find your track (if you’re viewing from my website).

Synth Pop

Eccentric Male Alien by Nicky Havey & Winkandwoo

Whenever I combine with Winkandwoo, it seems to be outside the realm of Drum & Bass haha! I wanted to make something different for this compilation and as soon as I started working on it, I knew that Winkandwoo’s amazing vocals would work wonders. Thankfully he said yes!

We summoned our inner David Bowie and Pet Shop Boys influences in this one and tell the story of… well… us Eccentric Male Aliens 😃

Ambient & Downtempo Tracks

Empyreal Masiey Anaya by ØLSKXX

Takes us on a chilled down tempo journey with echoing female vocals, a mesmerising dropping effect on the bassline and twinkly sounding bell synths – lovely job!

Every Moment Absent by E1GHTH PLACE

Another beautiful chilled out sounding track here with a crisp drum beat, a warm synth pad that floats in the background throughout and an electro sounding bassline accompanies the music.

Emotional Maturity Assessment by Hydro Fyter

This one really lives up to its name with an introspective atmosphere from the off as it subtly builds intensity throughout, taking you on your own journey of self assessment.

Earth Mission Accomplished by PulpStereo

Another progressive sounding track with a bit more energy compared to the ones above. Switching from the atmospheric sounds to fun on the drum patterns, this one will make you want to chill and dance at the same time – lovely combination Mr Stereo!

Every Minute Again by Letters From Mouse

Mr Mouse returns with another wonderfully chilled track here as the dancing melodies of the square synth take you on a tranquil journey through time.

Earthly Molten Ashes by Kindly Spoken Thieves

This one has the sense of life post apocalypse perhaps after an asteroid impact, a bit like the title suggests. This powerful, philosophical feeling amplifies the track builds throughout and amplifies the emotion.

Euclidian Miracles and Anomalies by iconDARK

You really get the sense of drama and tension in this one from the off as iconDark gets the adrenaline pumping! You’ll be looking over your shoulder if you have the lights down!

Ethereal Memory Algorithm by Primaudia Record

The drama continues with Primaudia Record in this one as the tension created will leave you in a frenzied state! The breaks in the track are well delivered to give you just enough time to recover before the next section brings you back down the rabbit hole.

House, Techno & Trance

Escape My Algorithm by Trip Jacker

Straight in with a groovy bassline is this one from Trip Jacker. Cool vocal effects and a rolling drum beat will get you tapping your feet and you won’t stop throughout the track!

Even More Acid by Skaarl

Acid House beats master Skaarl comes back with the bouncing acid synth basslines in this one as he recreates some of the rave scenes from the 90s in this one!

Early Morning Acid by Cylotron

Another cheeky acid house trip here sees Cylotron take the helm and continue the 90s rave scene for the after party. This one has that vibe representing those hardcore who made it through to the early hours of a rave!

Epidemics Make Arseholes by Gribbles

Probably the best name I’ve seen on a track given the current state of affairs around the world! With clever use of Dad’s Army samples, “Don’t Panic”, Gribbles brings this calming house track to sooth the nerves of those who consistently clear the shelves in supermarkets – you a******s!

Ex Mortuus Animatum by Electrostatic Nightmare Disco

Things get industrial with this one from Electrostatic Nightmare Disco as the hard hitting sounds take you on a slightly darker, in your face style trip with great sound effects hitting your from all directions.

Eleven Miles Away by Bufinjer

The ever evolving house beats from Bufinjer here take us on a journey through the cool percussive drum sounds to a psychedelic festival theme that you could probably hear 11 miles away if you were at that festival this would be playing at 😉

Erase My Addictions by DZM

The deep melodies and chord progressions from this one are really felt as the track progresses from DZM. I get the sense there’s an introspective story behind this one and it comes through as soon as you listen in.

Everyday Movmy Aye by Andrew Gabriel

Another modern dance floor filler from Andrew here as he brings us a catchy track with chopped vocals and a melody that will stay in your head!


Every Martians Anthem by Jerdie

Jerdie takes us on another experimental journey with this energetic drumstep style track. I’m sure they are playing this on Mars every day!

Drum & Bass

Echo.Mike.Alpha by DaveyHub

This one comes in dark and heavy from the off and doesn’t let off the gas as DaveyHub unleashes the beast in this one! With hoover saws and subtle amen breaks added in, this is for those who like their raw beats!

Endless Morphine Algorithms by Dinksteriznangel

Then the flip side of the DnB spectrum is this lighthearted liquid track from Dinksteriznangel. Reminds me a little bit like a computer game like Crash Bandicoot vs Drum and Bass, nice throw back!

Release Details

The Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 2 was released on the Electronic Alliance Records label on 3rd April 2020, features 20 tracks and 21 producers. It’s available to stream on Spotify and iTunes and for download on Beatport so you can go ahead and support the artists of this mammoth release!

All that leaves me to say is, enjoy the beats my friends and well done to every EMAlien who produced these awesome tracks, it’s always great listening to the variety of music coming from this talented group of electronic music producers!


P.S. Did you manage to spot the theme?

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