If You Like Liquid Drum & Bass…

Then Keep Saturday 18th April 20:00-23:00 GMT Free!

The reason being is that I’ll be flexing my live mixing skills on the Platform Project over at Bassport FM with 1 hour of liquid drum & bass tunes, hand selected from yours truly! I’ve been having a bit of practice over the last few days and playing around with mashing a few of the tracks together – I think you’re going to love it 😄

Even if you’re not a DnB head, the sounds of liquid drum and bass are a bit more on the chilled, melodic side, which is my kind of style! Then DJ Pi will follow after me as I pass the relay on to him up in the north west of England, BBC Radio 1 style!

What Is Liquid Drum & Bass?

This is a question I’ve been asked by a few folks who aren’t as familiar with this quirky part of the underground music scene so I thought I’d address it right here! I’d define Liquid Drum & Bass as:

Light, melodic sounds with a soothing bassline and drum beat at 174BPM. Although vocals add an extra dimension, they aren’t necessary to make a liquid drum & bass track.

It’s also known as “liquid funk”, “intelligent drum & bass” but if you want the full definition and history of it, check out the wikipedia article here.

How It Influenced Me

I first heard DnB back in 2003 from my brother when he had the Bass, Breaks and Beats CD mixed by DJ Hype blasting through his speakers. The high energy drum beat really caught my attention and then I went on a spending spree of CDs mixed by various DJs and producers from Hospital Records which really got me in to Liquid. I loved the combination of the melodic sounds, looped samples and high energy, which has stayed up to the current tracks being released, examples of which you can find in my EMA DJ Mix from February:

Since then, I’ve tried to make my own style of liquid dnb, fused with trance influences from 1999-2005 in the Ministry of Sound compilations, as well as sharing tunes I liked in a previous monthly podcast called “Havey’s Highlights”. I only made 10 of those before joining forces with DJ Pi for the Platform Project.

Platform Project

This is a monthly show that was started by DJ Pi and Jimmy Dark around 2014 to showcase drum & bass music from unsigned, undiscovered or freshly released music with the aim of giving up and coming producers a platform to spring board their career.

I joined in 2017 and it moved from a podcast to a livestream on BassportFM, with interviews and live listener interaction with my last show being in February 2019 before I went on my travels.

But, I’m coming back on air for this month and it might turn in to a regular spot again – we’ll have to see what Mr Pi thinks as he’s the captain of the ship though! One thing’s for sure, it will be fun to be back on air again, you just can’t beat that live interaction!

When & Where To Tune In?

The show is on from 20:00-23:00 UK Time on BassportFM, click the listen button at the top right and enjoy the beats.

Hopefully see you Saturday! Who’s going to be around to tune in?


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