Miss My Liquid Drum & Bass Show From The Weekend…? 🤔

Then By Golly, You’re In Luck! 😃

It turns out I DID press the record button correctly haha! This is great news as it means I really can still press the right buttons (oo err) 😛

Seriously though, after 14 months of being out of the live show game, it was certainly a little nerve wracking when the countdown ended and the red “on air” light flicked on. But, once I got going, the adrenaline was pumping and the rush of broadcasting came flooding back…

“Triumphant Return”

These were the words ushered from Platform Project‘s head honcho, DJ Pi, in the test broadcast earlier on Saturday – I had to admit, I did laugh out loud at that one, I hadn’t done the real show yet! Nonetheless, the thrills of the tweets coming in, comments on the blog, whatsapp group and text messages… blimey, I didn’t know whether to mix or reply to messages haha!

Thanks to EVERYONE who tuned in on the night and to Bassport FM Station, I was overwhelmed with the messages coming in and tried to give as many shout outs as possible without derailing the show! I’m pleased to say that the “triumphant return” is now up on the Platform Project Mixcloud Page for you to enjoy – apologies for the dodgy presenter haha!


So that all important tracklist is also available as a Spotify playlist although two tracks aren’t available on there yet due to one being a special one sent in by Electrostatic Nightmare Disco and the other is an unreleased remix by me. So if you wanted to add any of these tracks to your own playlists then here’s where you can find them.

Please note, I either bought these tracks, had them sent in or made them myself. I still buy music if I like it to show support to the producers, sharing them in these blogs is another way of spreading the love!

Nicky Havey – Travelling Man – 00:00

Starting off the mix with a chilled Liquid Drumstep track from myself, this one was released on Electronic Alliance Records as part of the Travel Diaries EP on 10th April to celebrate (or commiserate, depending which way you look at it) 1 year since I went off travelling around Australia and New Zealand in 2019.

WavDr & Bonnie – Exhale (Nicky Havey remix) – 05:45

And then the mood changes as we head in to the liquid drum and bass vibe with a faster drum beat and high energy remix I did of WavLegion (@wav-dr and @soundlegion) superb original called “Exhale” (released on Electronic Alliance Records).

I’ve wanted to get this remix in a show since we released it back in December 2019 and the switch up with the next track blended really well – couldn’t have hoped for a cooler combination!

Colossus & Soul:Motion – Visions – 10:14

After I’ve blasted out the opening couple of tracks, the liquid rollers begin with this beauty from Colossus and Soul:Motion. The chilled sounds really take you away once the transition from Exhale completes and sets the way for the rest of the mix – this is released on Rush Records.

Al Pack & Dave Lowe – The Glide – 14:37

I couldn’t come back after 14 months and leave out the amazing liquid funkster Al Pack! He teams up with Dave Lowe in this one and takes us on a beautiful trip down the coast in the sunshine, cruising along and ending up on the beach. Lovely! This one is released on Soul Deep Digital.

Alexus – Secret Stream – 19:01

Another artist I featured regularly back in the day was Alexus and so his tune “Secret Stream” was one I couldn’t leave out! Tranquil vibes from the off and such a gentle bassline that pulsates throughout will leave you floating along. Perfect track to mash-up with the next one as well. This one is released on Influenza Media.

Bronski – Jazz Club – 21:24

Long time DnB friend and fellow EMAlien, Bronski, always comes up with some incredible vibes and Jazz Club doesn’t disappoint. Also living up to its name as there are certainly jazzy sounds in this one with a cool bassline, twinkling piano and hands up atmospheres on the breakdown. This is released on Redcliffe Records

Dave Catalyst – Sanctuary – 25:04

Taking a little journey to a DnB sanctuary with Dave Catalyst here as he brings some angelic sounds, leaking droplets and a gothic inspired atmosphere. This one mashed up really nicely with the next track in the mix. Sanctuary is released on Soul Deep Digital.

Electrostatic Nightmare Disco – Rain – 27:59

Another fellow EMAlien, Electrostatic Nightmare Disco, tagged me on Twitter and introduced me to this liquid dnb meets deep, apocalyptic style which blended so well with Sanctuary. I loved the way Steve lets the full blown emotional rollercoaster take over here. This is not currently released and is only available on Soundcloud to stream.

Motional – Reflection – 31:38

Finding a track to take us back down from the trance state wasn’t easy but Motional comes up with the goods to bring the chill with old style liquid drum breaks, a piano and wobbling sub. What more could you ask for? This is released on C Recordings.

LaMeduza & Konfront Audio – In This World – 35:18

Now that we’ve had a bit of chill time, let’s get back in to summer with this wonderful collab between LaMeduza & Konfront Audio. Sublime vocals and a light mood will lift spirits before we switch the vibe up with the next track. This is released on Soul Deep Exclusives.

Mitekiss & Mr Porter – No War Inna Dance – 37:30

Phwoar, this one goes in on both drops! Powerful male vocals, deep bassline and some insane drum patterns on the second drop, this is one serious journey that Mitekiss & Mr Porter take us on. This is released on Shogun Audio.

Mystific – No Matter What (R-Vee remix) – 41:31

To try and mix this one in to the crazy drum patterns from the previous track was certainly a challenge but it was worth the sweat because R-Vee‘s remix of Mystific‘s beauty takes us back to those sunny beach vibes we are accustomed to hearing from him. This is released on Smooth N Groove Records.

Marcus Tee & Rachel – I’ll Be Loving You – 44:56

Continuing with the chilled theme and taking us back in time with a retro liquid vibe is Marcus Tee with vocals from Rachel. Lovely sounds in this one, perfect tune to lounge around to here. This is released on Complex Records.

Silence Groove – Element Late – 48:52

A couple of power house plays from Silence Groove here with Element Late and Forever Believe – both having a strong, rumbling bassline with distant vocals and atmospheric sounds definitely rolling through nicely. Textbook style from this liquid dnb producer I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to throughout the last few years.

Silence Groove – Forever Believe – 52:54

Both tracks are from the Forever Believe EP released on Offworld Recordings. Forever Believe replaces the squaretooth sounding melodies in Element Lake with a piano – can’t really choose between the two which I liked more so thought I’d include them both in the mix!

Blindstate – End of the World (Nicky Havey remix) – 55:05

Now, this is unfortunately not available anywhere but it was a remix of a track I heard from a minimal dnb artist called Blindstate who I met via the AirPlus Recordings label when it was still going a few years ago. I initially made a downtempo chillout version but thought I’d do a VIP liquid drum & bass version. Maybe I’ll put it up on the website as a free download in future! Either way, it rounds off the set nicely and just had to include it with the title! Here’s the chillout version for you:

Thank You!

I hope you enjoyed this mix and will keep you informed of the next one if you can put up with my dodgy presenting skills 😆 The question is, which one was your favourite? Or did you just enjoy all of them? Let me know and if you have any liquid dnb you’d like me to feature in the next show!

Until the next time, take it easy!


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