New EP Out Tomorrow – Not Drum & Bass Though!


Haha, I know, I’ve probably shocked you in to silence there! April seems to be the month of experimenting with music in Havey HQ where I started off with a synth pop, Pet Shop Boys style track with @winkandwoo and ending the month with 4 “off-the-cuff” electronic music tracks ranging from breakbeat to hardstyle with @bufinjer!

Out Of Our Comfort Zone EP

Initially, the concept behind this came from a music contest that was hosted on a social network site called Hive where each week, music producers were asked to create new tracks in a different genre. As all of these were pretty much out of mine or @bufinjer’s comfort zone, we thought we’d then use the tracks after the contest ended in our own release with the name that perfectly reflected what we went through each week – going out of our comfort zone!

One week, the genre was Deep House which ended in the release of a track called “Time Machine” with winkandwoo. Believe me, that would have featured in this EP as well had wink not snapped this one up with some epic vocals!

Another week, the genre was Psytrance and my attempt at that landed me 3rd place in the contest, which, again, was very happy with! However, since the contest, I spruced up the track a little bit and this inspired me to get my inner trance music producer going again so expect a Nicky Havey trance EP release later in the year!

Anyway, what can you expect in tomorrow’s EP?

Breakbeat, Electronica & Hardstyle

One of the other genres in this music contest was Hardstyle, which I wasn’t sure what that even meant but when I did a bit of research, it’s definitely something I’d have never tried to and probably won’t venture into again! But, to do it all in a week, I was pretty happy with the results, which landed me 2nd place for that week in the contest too.

It was after this week that Bufinjer and I decided we’d release some of these entries as an EP and so the idea for “Out of Our Comfort Zone” was born!

I also have a breakbeat, drumstep and electronica style track which I’ll reveal more over the next few days and Bufinjer informed me earlier that his tracks aren’t DnB either, which I lead you to believe yesterday! It seems that this EP is so out of my comfort zone, I don’t even know what’s on it so it will be a surprise for us all haha!

So, get ready for a jam packed adventure through the unknown!

Until tomorrow, take it easy


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