“Out Of Our Comfort Zone” EP – Out Now!

Here We Go!

Yes indeed, a brand new 9 track assortment of random tunes ranging from chillout to hardstyle in this EP that pushed myself and Bufinjer to our creative limits as we went out of our comfort zone! With some tracks inspired from various challenges from music contests, we are so excited to bring this one to you!

So in true Havey style, I’ll give you a breakdown of each track in this blog and all the release information about the EP at the end of it all – time for an adventure!

Artwork designed by @bufinjer

“Out Of Our Comfort Zone” EP Tracklist

Chillout – Body & Soul – Bufinjer

Kicking off the EP is a chilled out, soul finding track from Bufinjer which eases us in with some gentle guitar, downtempo beats and synth work to take us away. This one took me to a relaxing place like floating in a hammock on a beach with the sounds of the sea nearby.

Liquid Drumstep – Distant Memory – Nicky Havey

I remember the reasoning for creating this liquid drumstep/half time track well and think it’s still relevant with different situations I find myself in as time goes by. This is all about the bad feelings and experiences we’ve been through being a distant memory and leaving them behind.

They may try to fight back and bring us down in our mind but we need to remember the past is the past. The gritty bassline and distant sounding synths adding to the atmosphere represent those distant memories.

Dubstep – Step Off My Wave – Bufinjer

Alternating back to Bufinjer now who brings the heavy beats with him here in this dubstep track. There’s no messing around, the drum beat comes in followed by some aggressive basslines and in your face laser sounding effects. Take his advice here and step off his wave!

Breakbeat – Break The Beat – Nicky Havey

In a similar vain to the track from Bufinjer, I also went a little bit more aggressive on the bassline here as I was really angry about something that happened during my PhD. Yeah, there I go, mentioning that PhD again – but it inspired so many tracks and this was one of them!

The track starts off calmly enough as I’m a calm person by nature but then that event happened and yeah… I got annoyed, summoned my inner Hulk and made the bassline to reflect it… kinda goes off half way through the track… don’t worry, I’m over it now 😜

Pie-Step – The Empress Of Pie – Bufinjer & TygerTyger

That’s right, “Pie-Step”! These guys have created their own genre here with the operatic vocals from @tygertyger adding to a surreal electronic-meets-medieval folk style track. There really is no other way to describe it so you’re just going to have to listen to it and remember… HANDS OFF TYGERTYGER’S PIE!

Electronica – Hidden Secret – Nicky Havey

This is another one of those which I found difficult to classify by genre. The track starts off chilled with a trance-like atmosphere and slow drum beat before it all descends in to an off beat, 4 to the floor “vent fest”!

The premise of the track was very similar to “Break the Beat” above where I was pushed to my limit so this is again a reflection of me – chilled out for the most part but when my patience has well and truly been tested beyond its breaking point… well… let’s say that the secret is best kept hidden 😉

Acid House – Psychic Transmissions – Bufinjer

Straight from the off, we’re in to the acid house sounds of Psychic Transmissions from Buf which takes you on a psychedelic journey through various alternating cool frequencies. Get the glow sticks out and ride the wave of the lasers!

Hardstyle – Drop It – Nicky Havey

The final track from me in this musical experiment is the Hardstyle track I made for the final week of the music contest hosted on the Hive social media site. Hardstyle is a combination of Hard House and really distorted kick drums, all at an unusual tempo of 150BPM! So this really was pushing me to my limits here.

After hearing some tracks in the genre I knew I had my work cut out but wanted to keep something kinda positive and party-like with the major chords, rather than the minor ones, and chucked in some fun vocals to try and capture the essence of hardstyle… Havey style haha! Was pretty pleased with this one finishing 2nd in the contest 😊

Hardstyle – Play Hard – Bufinjer

And it’s fitting that we have Bufinjer’s hardstyle entry for that same contest rounding off the EP with Play Hard – “hard” being the operative word! This goes in from the off with a gritty distorted kick with the track evolving, changing and morphing throughout in true Bufinjer style!

Release Details

The “Out Of Our Comfort Zone” EP was released on Electronic Alliance Records, which is run by the EMA Community, on all available streaming platforms on 24th April 2020 – the full list can be found on our Songwhip link here and the full EP in all its glory is in the Spotify playlist below!

We hope you enjoy our adventure out of our comfort zone here and thanks to everyone who has supported our music!

Nicky and Bufinjer

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