2 Hours and 37 Drum & Bass Tracks for the Ravers – Platform Project Catch-Up Link

Platform Project on BassportFM

On the 3rd Saturday each month at 20:00 UK time, myself, DJ Pi and Mister Versatile come together for a 3 hour broadcast called the Platform Project combining drum and bass music with funky breaks on an internet station called BassportFM.

This time around, we tried something VERY different and brand new for the live show as we did a digital “back-to-back” DJ session – effectively switching the live broadcast between DJs without interrupting the stream as our studios are 260 miles apart. Risky? Absolutely!

But we did a test broadcast last week and it seemed to work really well and we gave it a shot for the real show last night without any serious hiccups, other than me not being able to connect right at the beginning! All’s well that ends well and it gives us great pleasure to share our show with you. If you can’t see the player below, click the image to go to the Mixcloud upload.

2hrs of Drum & Bass - Platform Project #69.1 - May 2020 - Nicky Havey x Dj Pi


That all important tracklist then. I’ll give a quick sentence or two about each one and did my best to find a link to all the tracks or embed players so you can add the tune to your playlists and support the artists as well – here goes!

Dope Ammo – Big Summer

This does live up to its name for sure – great summery vibes to kick off the show and a nod to the reggae scene in the process!

J Majik – Everything I Do

Then we enter full liquid dnb chill mode with some laid back basslines and orchestral samples from J Majik.

Nicky Havey – Black Hole

Shameless self plug haha! Had to put this one in as I think we’re all feeling like a bit in the black hole at the moment with the pandemic. This is a deep liquid drum and bass track with a rumbling bassline and one of my older ones, released back in 2016.

Control Change – Everybody

So a little pick me up needed to get us all dancing again comes from this high energy number from Control Change. As the vocal suggests, everybody dance!

Kraft-e – Blue Liquid

Keeping the energy flowing is this lively computer arcade game meets Drum and Bass track from Kraft-e.

Spectrasoul feat LSB – Silence

So the first transition came during this lovely atmospheric dnb track from Spectrasoul and LSB and it is a beauty!

Mystic State x Astrid x Frank Ocean – Siegfried

Now we are in the hands of DJ Pi as he nabs this lovely free download from Soundcloud as Mystic State celebrates 9,000 followers on Soundcloud accompanied by beautful vocals from Astrid.

Changer – I Need Your Lovin’

Another amazing free download comes from Changer who puts this amazing chilled liquid dnb take on a classic vocal that we are all familiar with.

N23 – Shining Bright

The free downloads keep coming as 18 year old producer N23 shares an inspired track called Shining Bright to enter the chill zone.

Kidsan – Skylight

A quickfire mix here allows us a glimmer of this gentle liquid dnb track from Kidsan released on Default Recordings.

Beeson – Harp It

Another free track here from Beeson which lives up to its name here featuring some beautiful harp sounds – great find from DJ Pi!

Stasis – Parallel

DJ Pi on a free download spree as we have a little wander in to a mysterious part of the dnb woods with great sampling and wobbling synths.

Zent – Chroma Mist

The next transition track is this one from Zent called Chroma Mist which has another computer game feel to it, think entering Bowser’s castle but drum and bassified!

Hayden James – Something About You (Spectrasoul Remix)

Spectrasoul wangles back in to the show with a remix of Something About You by Hayden James and a smooth bassline to boot!

Fishy, Lady Emz, Woodtekr, Peron – Death Star

An epic 4 way collab here with beautiful vocals from Lady Emz. Have featured these artists at various points in past Platform Project mixes but when they combined here, I just had to put this track in!

Hugh Hardie – Kyoto City

I first heard Hugh Hardie way back when I was heavy Soundcloud user about 6-7 years ago and have loved pretty much everyone of his tunes – it was a matter of time before Hospital Records snapped him up and I’m so happy for him! It was a pleasure bringing in Kyoto City for this mix.

GLXY feat Ruby Wood – Abstraction

Another favourite producer of mine is GLXY who makes amazing dreamy liquid vibes, this is another great collab with lovely vocals from Ruby Wood.

Silence Groove – Innit Blud

I don’t think I’ve had a set that hasn’t featured Silence Groove in! His tunes are so up my street it’s not even funny, deep basslines, lush atmospherics and rolling beats – great track to transition back to DJ Pi!

Tension – Upside Down

Unfortunately I couldn’t find this track anywhere but features a big rumbling bassline and deep melodies. It could well have been sent in as an exclusive!

Source Direct – Secret Liaison (Thomas Graham bootleg)

Things the suddenly get heavy as DJ Pi takes us through some of the heavier scenes and a big hitter from Thomas Graham’s bootleg.

Abstract Illusion – Tribal Darkness

Continuing with the dark and heavy theme is this jungle darkness – a freebie on bandcamp which you can stream on the link above.

Automatik – Dracula

If you’re afraid of the dark or the Count himself, then this will give you nightmares. A gritty bassline with a tech-step style drum beat for those wanting to venture to the evil side of dnb – free download!

Peter Tosh – Johnny B Goode (Mulv bootleg)

DJ Pi opened the curtains on Dracula and turned him to dust by bringing the sunshine vibes back with this bootleg of a smooth reggae classic by Peter Tosh and another free download.

Junior Bites – Fade Away (Ted Ganung remix)

Keeping up the dnb remixes of reggae originals is this freebie from Ted Ganung who puts his spin on Junior Bites’ track Fade Away.

Teej & Division – 24 Hours

The next transition happens with a switch back to a big hitting bassline from Teej & Division – this is another free download on Soundcloud.

Criteria – Kaleidoscope

My turn back on the decks for my final transition here as I ride out some more liquid dnb in to the sunset starting with my edit of Kaleidoscope to help mix in to the next track. Lovely rolling bassline here and a “cheeky monkey” synth πŸ™ˆ

Etherwood – Three Eagles

The dreamy sounds come to an apex here with Etherwood’s track – classic amen dnb drum breaks, orchestral strings and lovely piano sequences to leave you floating.

Funkware, Mortadela – Guess What

As soon as this one popped up on Spotify randomly earlier last week I just had to try and wangle this one in, beautiful jazzy dnb here and a great energetic take on a classic – who remembers that Diet Coke advert then? Love this one!

Artificial Intelligence – Missing Piece

Another one of my influences is Artificial Intelligence with their deep liquid vibes and again, dreamy samples and synths with characteristic rolling basslines to take you away. I had a LOT of fun mashing this with Guess What on the show last night 😊

Dub Phizix – Hackensack

So the final transition track before handing the reigns back to DJ Pi and a cheeky piano with a “blues” style to it and solid bassline should do it! You can hear us work our magic behind the scenes on the handover as well here just to prove that we really did the back to back πŸ˜ƒ

Jamurai – Junglist World

DJ Pi begins his final section with a huge number from female dnb producer Jamurai featuring another sample from a well known piece in her free download called Junglist World.

Roni Size – It’s Jazzy (Winslow Flip)

Continuing that theme of big basslines is a rework of a Roni Size’s “It’s Jazzy” – another freebie on Soundcloud.

Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air (Cyantific remix)

Winding the clock back to 2006 here as we have a jungle remix from Cyantific of the classic from Higher Sense here. Proper hands up throw back tune!

Fullstep Phil feat. Grafta MC – Step

Quickfire mixing sees us get grimey with this free download from Fullstep Phil and Grafta.

Peaked – Run Away

Continuing the fast mixing, we enter the liquid dnb vibes again with a lovely chilled tune from Peaked here – a free download…

Zapya & Burnzy – Memory

Before that gets squashed by this absolute “face mangler” of a bassline from Zapya and Burnzy, which is another free download…

Commix – Be True (Burial remix)

And the final tune of the set to help us all chill a bit from the activities of the last 2 hours with this downtempo take on Commix’s original called Be True.

Next Show

We will next be on air on Saturday June 20th at 20:00 UK time, same place on Bassport FM! Thanks to everyone who tuned in on the night and hope you enjoyed the tunes!

Any favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

Nicky & Simon

3 thoughts on “2 Hours and 37 Drum & Bass Tracks for the Ravers – Platform Project Catch-Up Link”

  1. Great write up of the show mate, still buzzing from this epic session last night Dr H, such great fun and looking forward to the next one! Simon Pi man πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Loved it Mr B! That was such great fun, live experience and seemed the transitions went as smooth as possible. Reaching new levels with the Platform Project! Where to next? πŸ˜€

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