2020km Challenge – Charity Fundraising Gets Amazing Boost Thanks To People On Hive!

Running/Hiking 2,020km

At the start of this year, I wanted to do my own year long challenge to try and get to a distance of 2,020 km (1,255 miles) by a combination of running and hiking for the Alzheimer’s Society. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a massive battle even without injury or illnesses affecting play!

However, I received a MASSIVE boost in motivation and heart felt warmth thanks to a genius initiative from Pauline (aka @livinguktaiwan), a friend I met on Hive (a bad ass social media site). Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Hive has its own token system which can be used to reward users for content, comment engagement and, in this case, fundraising!

Fundraising – “Adopt The Hive Forest”

During lockdown, Pauline decided to hand craft 60 little cardboard cut-out trees and over this weekend has run a kind of “Adopt a Tree” initiative where users can adopt a tree for about £1 (3 Hive tokens).

90% of whatever is raised this way will be sent to the Alzheimer’s Society through my JustGiving page and the remaining 10% will be used for a raffle once all trees have been adopted.

As you can see, she’s been a busy bee! [Image Source]

I’ve been absolutely taken aback by the response from everyone – within 48 hours, 51 out of the 60 have been adopted and additional donations have come in!

700km Reached!

This inspired me to go out for a 6 km run today despite the ridiculous winds suddenly bestowed upon the UK! I was literally one strong gust away from producing a horrible rendition of Mary Poppins (only without the umbrella and a more spindly, spider like running physique) 😂

I’ll have a full report as usual at the end of the month where I see how my progress matches up to where I should be but for the first time since mid January, I hope to be ahead of target by the end of May! It’s taken 4 months to recover from the injury and illness ridden months of January and February but I’m so buoyed by this weekend and will do my best to get through the challenge all in aid of Alzheimer’s Society!

Click here to find out more about Alzheimer’s Disease

Thanks to everyone who’s supporting the cause! If you are reading this and you’re not on Hive, get yourselves and account here! Send me a DM or email on whichever site you’re reading from and I’ll help you get started!

Until the next time, take it easy!


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