Calling Liquid Drum & Bass Fans – Next Live Platform Project Show is 16th May! Who’s Around?

16th May 20:00 UK Time

Yeah buddies! Myself and DJ Pi take to the air waves for another Saturday night raving bonanza as we take you through the oceans of the Drum & Bass genre! The show called the “Platform Project” has been going for over 5 years now and has evolved from its original podcast format to some serious live stream action where we’ve been testing “back to back” mixes.

“Back To Back” Mixes

That’s right! In traditional back to back mixes, you’d have 2 (or more) DJs that would rotate on to the decks so one would pick up where the other left off whilst the music still played to the dancing crowd. This is all well and good in the night club as you’re both there at the venue but as you probably might have known, this is no longer possible with the coronavirus situation.

So doing it online provides a different challenge altogether! We did some testing last week on BassportFM and we were pretty happy with the way things turned out. It seemed to be relatively seamless although some tweaks are needed on the transitions. It should be an exciting evening regardless so hopefully you can join in the merriment!

Where Can I Tune In?

SO glad you asked! Tomorrow evening – 16th May – at 20:00 UK time (19:00 UTC), head on over to BassportFM and click the “listen” button in the top right hand corner.

If that doesn’t work (and some told me that they were struggling to tune in during the broadcast last month) then try out the TuneIn link instead and join 2,000 other crazy dancing fools (I didn’t realise this many had the station favourited đŸ™€)

Hope to see you there! Drop a comment below if you’re around and I’ll try to give you a shout out on the show!


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