Out Now! A Liquid Drum & Bass Remix of DaveyHub’s “Circle of Stars”

VE Day

It wasn’t intentional that we were going to release the Circle of Stars remix on the 75th anniversary of VE day but that’s how it turned out. 75 years ago today, most British and Allied soldiers were returning from Europe after World War II was declared over and civilians across the country were on the streets having the biggest party of their lives! Thank you to the war veterans, we are indebted to you for the sacrifices you made to live in relative peace today.

Now we’re in a different kind of “war” against a very different threat and although with social distancing measures in the UK still in effect (we find out the other side of the weekend if they are to be lifted or maintained), we still had cake in our garden and chatted from afar with our neighbours, some of which we hadn’t seen since lockdown began – some of which I’ve never seen haha!

Circle of Stars (Nicky Havey remix)

But anyway, I can imagine that, for the Drum & Bass heads, there will be virtual raves going on up and down the country once the coronavirus battle has been won. So, here’s a new track for the DnB fans to listen in to and the DJs to add to their digital crates as my remix of DaveyHub‘s Circle of Stars is out now on Electronic Alliance Records! Here is the original for reference:

As I mentioned previously, the old school piano and mysterious feel about the track, along with the female vocals drew me in and I didn’t know how it would sound sped up to 174BPM and “DnBified” but I was pretty happy that it worked out and seemed Davey was pretty happy with it too! Lo and behold, here’s my party track remix for you to enjoy:

Release Details

The “Circle of Stars (Nicky Havey remix)” was released on Electronic Alliance Records, which is run by the EMA Community, on all available streaming platforms on 8th May 2020 – the Spotify link is below:

I hope you like the remix, I’ll be trying to wangle this one in to the next live DJ mix on 16th May as I’m back for another hour of Liquid Drum & Bass on the Platform Project, can’t wait!


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