Upcoming Liquid DnB & Trance Releases + DJ Mixes!

Packed Schedule

Seems that lockdown has unlocked the music beast within here as I’ve been on a mission with new tracks left, right and center getting released on Electronic Alliance Records! There’s liquid drum & bass, trance music, ska infused drum & bass and a couple of DJ mixes all coming up in the next 5 or 6 weeks! Hold on to your hats, here’s what’s to come!

22nd May – Nebula feat. TygerTyger

Some of you may remember the original instrumental track of the same name that was released back in November 2019, an ethereal liquid drum and bass track with floating synths and space choir atmospheres. I made it to represent the start of new beginnings after coming back from travelling earlier in the year, like a nebula is the beginning of a new star before exploding in to life. Here’s the original:

After she heard it, @tygertyger aka Her Royal Pieness reached out to me and asked if she could lay some vocals down on it and of course I said yes! Having just written her artist interview on EMA’ s March 2020 Newsletter, I was so excited to hear what she’d come back with and her talented vocal array is on full display here from operatic to the innocent child and we can’t wait to share this with you on Friday 22nd May!

Artwork created by TygerTyger

5th June – SPAWN – Skallegro (Nicky Havey DnB remix)

At the end of 2019, Joel from the ska band SPAWN asked me if I wanted to try to remix one of their tracks from their album “Spawntaneous” (like what you guys did there) and so I picked out Skallegro. The challenge was on and fusing this ska punk style original in to drum & bass was certainly not an easy task but ultimately, we all really love what has come from it and we really can’t wait to get this released – expect to hear lots more nearer the time but for now, here’s the original:

19th June – Skaarl – Freaky Medicine (Remixes)

This is where I try out some trance as I remix Skaarl‘s really cool original called Freaky Medicine which I found myself doing some hard hitting workouts to when I first heard it! Skaarl is also adding a new “Lockdown” remix/VIP into this little 2 track EP and recently changed his avatar so we are no longer looking down his trousers! Don’t ask! Instead we’ll need to find a new nickname – Senor Moon Man instead?! Anyway, here’s the original for a flavour!

20th June – Platform Project Livestream

The monthly live mix with the Platform Project will return where myself and DJ Pi mix together some of our favourite drum and bass tunes from years gone by as well as up and coming talent. If you missed last weekend’s show, have no fear, you can tune in here and for a full run down with links to all the tracks featured, click here for the blog:

2hrs of Drum & Bass - Platform Project #69.1 - May 2020 - Nicky Havey x Dj Pi

26th June – EMA DJ Mix

Each week, the EMAliens have an hour long mix to showcase tunes, mixing skills and all kinds of genres to the world courtesy of Radio Dark Tunnel and Miss Efemby who has us on after her Techno Diaries show. Although Efemby is taking a little break, and we wish her well, the station is kindly letting us keep our 1 hour mixes going and I’ll be up on the 26th June.

As you can see, I have a busy week and sandwiched in between all of that is my birthday so what better way to spend it than with a release and two DJ mixes! I’m thinking of doing some trance for the EMA mix though to keep things interesting so watch this space – if there’s any trance tunes you want me to try and squeeze in, let me know! Here‘s my previous one from a couple of months ago

Busy Boy!

So as you can see, there’s no shortage of tunes or shows coming up and I think I’m going to have to have a chilled summer… except July, there’s even more cool things happening with EMA as we release our Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 3 to help bring those summer vibes to you all!

Plenty to be getting on with at Havey HQ – the question is… can I make it through?!

Catch you soon!


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