Who’s Around For A Fun Drum & Bass Experiment Tonight?

Saturday 9th May 2020 – 20:00 UK Time

☝️ That’s the time 👇 That’s the location

Platform Project & BassportFM

This month, myself and DJ Pi are going to be trying out something a little different in the name of “Platform Project DnB Science” and attempt a digital “back to back” DJ session on Bassport FM tonight!

Sorry for the impromptu blog, it’s been a mad week and have only had a chance to start preparing earlier today!

What we’re planning on doing is for me to start off the little test broadcast at 20:00 tonight, play a few tracks, then DJ Pi is going to take over seamlessly… 300 miles away in the North West of England. Then he’ll play a few tracks and the baton gets passed back to me so we’ll go back and forth a couple of times and see if we can get the process down for the real thing in next week’s show!

If it works, you can call us geniuses… if it doesn’t… you can still call us geniuses 😜

But it’d be great if you were around to tune in and help us out if we managed to get the right or not… or if you just want to listen to an hour or so of DnB tuneage, it’d be great to hear from you! Either way, we’ll have a bit of fun!

Here’s the link to listen in from 8pm UK time tonight


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