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Trance DJ Mix

I kid you not! I flexed my Trance music mixing skills last night as I had an hour on the awesome Radio Dark Tunnel thanks to the EMA DJ Mix Series and to Miss Efemby for providing the platform for us in the community to showcase our personalised mix and selection of tunes! As someone who normally spends their life in 174 BPM territory, switching it up to 138 BPM was quite a contrast but it brought back some great memories! Have a listen in below or click here if you can’t see the player.

Firstly, before I got in to Drum & Bass, I was fully in to Trance music, in particular, listening in to the Ministry of Sound compilation albums and mix CDs from Tall Paul, Judge Jules and the like from 1999-2004. This era pretty much saw me through school before finding Drum & Bass as I was getting ready to head off in to University.

EMA DJ Mix Series

So I thought for my second EMA DJ Mix, I’d revisit the vibes and some of the tunes that saw me through that time, having never mixed this genre before! It’s a little different compared to Drum & Bass mixing, not only because of the tempo is slow but the big kick drum falls on the regular 4/4 so if you miss time your transitions, you end up with a never ending drum roll as you mix in, which can sound ugly!

Thankfully though, after years of mixing at 174 BPM, it was like mixing in bullet time, everything seemed in slow motion to begin with but I used some tips other house and trance DJs in EMA gave me and just rolled with it. I prefer the longer transitions anyway so that the party people know there’s a tune incoming and it blends in to the next as you’ll hopefully be finding out as you’re listening in to it now!


00:00 – Nicky Havey – End of an Era (Unreleased)

So an exclusive tune to start the mix here is one from me that I made at the time all kinds of things were happening, mainly, the end of an era! I’ll have more about this in a future blog and as it’s unreleased, there’s no link for it yet but there’s definitely some summer vibes here and it will be out later in the year on Electronic Alliance Records

07:38 – Big Bang Theory – God’s Child (BBT Mix)

Then we wind the clock back 18 years to 2002 as house music phenoms Seamus Haji and Eric Kupper present “Big Bang Theory” as they give us a cool rework of 1970s disco slammer – Love Committee’s ‘Just As Long As I Got You’!

12:31 – Skaarl – Freaky Medicine (Nicky Havey Remix)

Fast forwarding to the present moment, this one is hot off the press and you may have seen me mention this last week as being my first Trance style release. Of course, it’s my remix of Skaarl‘s original called Freaky Medicine which keeps the party vibes going!

18:33 – Alastorworld – Push It (Original Mix)

Alastorworld comes up with the goods here with a cheeky House track from 2017’s EP release on Deep Down Dirty records. I found it blended pretty nicely and got this as part of a promo mail out from the label, glad I did, in it went!

22:43 – Dave Aude – Push That Thing (Original Mix)

I first heard this one on the Ministry of Sound Annual 2000 CD 2 mixed by Taul Pall and it lit up my energy levels no end! Wow, never heard anything like this before in my life and was throwing shapes as a 12 year old kid as much as I do as 33 year old kid now – absolute monster tune and had to get it in this mix! Take a bow Dave Aude!

28:06 – Matt Darey & Marcella Woods – Voice of an Angel (Vocal Dub)

Aptly named from the YouTube channel “Trance Classics” this is indeed an absolute trance classic from one of my favourite tunes from all time comes from Matt Darey & Marcella Woods here with their aptly named “Voice of an Angel” from 2003 – it would be wrong of me if I didn’t include this in my first trance mix. Still sends shivers down my spine now.

34:35 – Scottish Force & Awaking The Elements – Dark Winter

Fellow EMAliens, Scottish Force and Awaking the Elements sent me over their latest trance tune called Dark Winter which certainly has the epic synth vibes and deep melodies going for it as we take a trip back to the present day. This was only released a couple of weeks ago so make sure you check out these lads and show some support!

38:53 – Klea – Tic Toc (Adam Dived Vocal Dub)

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find this version anywhere online any more but again, from the early 2000s and on a Ministry of Sound compilation, the tribal drum beat that takes you in from the off with a trippy take on the catchy pop rhythms from Klea back in 2001 – here’s the original. Don’t tell me it’s not catchy and the video is pretty cool too!

43:39 – Moonman – Galaxia (Solar Stone remix)

Staying in the early 2000s, Solar Stone gives a lovely version of Moonman which will send you in to a space trance. I remember the happier days of music with this, how I wish I was on a beach in Ibiza bouncing away to these vibes!

50:36 – Nicky Havey – Nostalgia (Unreleased)

57:05 – Nicky Havey – Invader (Unreleased)

1:05:54 – Nicky Havey – How It Used To Be (Unreleased)

So the 3 tracks above are a little journey back in to the present, indeed the future, of what’s to come from me but they are all tracks that have the early 2000s influence from that you will probably pick up when you hear them, especially judging from the tunes I’d selected for this mix!

Nostalgia is a high energy one with the bassline based on the classic from Felix called “Don’t You Want Me“. Invader is a bit heavier with “space seagulls” sound effects that I made and a progressive rhythm that grows throughout. How It Used To Be is another classic trance vibe with the main melody based around “King of My Castle” which was certainly on repeat back in the day!

1:11:00 – Trisco – Musak (Steve Lawler Remix)

I think you must be living in a cave if you have never heard this tune or melody, given that the “Tryouts for the Human Race” has featured in so many tunes already but the Steve Lawler remix is one that springs to mind for many for featuring in the film “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” – one of the great anthems from the soundtrack of that film – here it is in all its glory.

1:17:04 – Nokternal – Aurora

Then it’s time for a bit of gaming trance music here, if you guessed that this one is from Midnight Club II then you’ve got one of the best memories around because I couldn’t remember where I first heard it myself until I googled it! I remember borrowing this game from a friend at school and it did infuriate me a little bit but what would a game be if it didn’t infuriate you! Had to give it back though and never played it again, sadly, but I remember this tune from it really well and had me hypnotised.

1:22:00 – Krystal K – Let’s Get It Right (Altitude Remix)

Finally, to wrap it up, a tune that took my imagination to flying above the mountains (probably because it is called the Altitude remix)! Instead of doing my homework, I’d be intently listening in to this one on repeat, trying to figure out the lyrics but really struggled and definitely made up some new words and sentences in the process! Either way, I thought it would be a fitting way to end this 90 minute set.

Another Trance Mix?

Haha, well I have to say, I really enjoyed making this mix and had some nice nostalgia for me, definitely brought back some memories and seemed it resonated with a few that tuned in on the night as well. With a few unreleased tracks coming up later in the year, I may well venture more in to this Trance and House style. Hard to ignore the first love hey!

Hope you enjoyed the journey!


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