Out Now – Skallegro Remix -Where Ska Meets Liquid Drum & Bass!

Ska Meets Drum & Bass

Thanks to the awesome ska punk band @spawnband who reached out to me earlier this year and asked if I’d be up for putting a liquid drum & bass spin on their original called Skallegro, the remix is now officially released on Electronic Alliance Records and we very pleased to share it with you in full here:

The original track is split in to two sections with a gentle guitar melody, accompanied by soulful trumpets and a smooth bassline in the first half before the rocket boosters are thrust in to hyperdrive for the second half in true ska fashion! Here’s what the band had to say on their website:

Iconic Dutch ska band Spawn has taken things to an entirely new level with this new collaboration with renowned UK Drum and Bass producer Nicky Havey. Nicky has brilliantly reimagined Spawn’s swaggering Spanish tinted ska hit Skallegro adding the heavy driving force of his DnB production to create an entirely new genre. Picture Madness and Joe Strummer stumbling through a time warp into Roni Size’s Brixton studio in the late nineties. Spawn’s two tone roots are flawlessly melded with the momentum of raw dynamic beats. Horns and lush atmospheric synth lines accent this innovative musical partnership and add new layers of depth to this fresh track. It’s a perfect summer soundtrack for packed sweaty festivals or a quarantined dance party for one.

Follow links for SPAWN can be found below:

I have never tried remixing ska punk and turning it in to a drum & bass track before but I had to draw inspiration from artists like Visionary and Shy Fx who have expertly put their dnb skills to ska style tunes. It was a challenge but when Roel from SPAWN said they all liked it, that was the biggest satisfaction one can have when they remix an original.

We hope you enjoy the new music too!


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