Full Breakdown of Electronic Music Alliance’s Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 3 – Out Now!

EMA Does It Again!

With the success of Future Sounds Anthology Volumes 1 and 2 this year, the Electronic Music Alliance comes together again with this 16 track adventure with sounds from the Mothership! With plenty of genres ranging from Chillout to House and Drum & Bass, there really is something for everyone and in today’s blog, I’m going to break it down track by track to whet your appetite!

This time, the theme was a summery one so expect some light hearted and melodic tunes from our EMAliens (well, most haha) and pack your bags up – we’re going on a holiday!

Drum & Bass

Ethanol ADDiKtz – Back In The Habit (Nicky Havey remix)

Oh go on then, I’ll start off proceedings! Ethanol ADDiKtz made a really cool hip hop track that he dropped some epic lyrics to in his own cheeky style and I loved it! Then my DnB head started spinning and so I thought I’d ask if he’d be OK with me remixing it for the compilation. He said yes and we’re both ecstatic with the way it turned out! Here’s Back In The Habit, where DnB meets banter and summer vibes!

Bufinjer – Ocean Waves

Straight in with the ocean waves, this track lives up to its name from Bufinjer! Imagine Sonic the Hedgehog going on a summer vacation with no-one around to pester him, certainly no Dr Robotnik, enjoying cocktails on the beach whilst still collecting rings!


DaveyHub – Summer by the Sea

Summer may be a bit different now with the current situation but Davey paints a lovely picture that takes us down to the coastline. With the classic coastal sounds of waves on the beach and seagulls, this chillout track will leave you mentally relaxing in the sand.

Gribbles – Beach

Well, if you didn’t get enough of the beach from Davey then Gribbles has got you covered with an even more downtempo track with lovely keys and chilled synth melodies that will keep your mind feeling relaxed on the beach.

Vaporous Skies – Abscond

This stirring track from Vaporous Skies with its beautiful chords, building synths and vocals has a very introspective feel to it which will leave you wanting to literally abscond from life’s difficulties and shimmy on down to your holidays!

Skeebo & ØLSKXX – Too Late

With a hint of trip-hop, this smooth jazzy track from Skeebo and ØLSKXX builds throughout in a really cool way. It’s chilled but has a high energy about it, listen in before it’s too late!

Kindly Spoken Thieves – Devoid of Life

A powerful trip hop tune here from KST gives you something to think about with the introspective sounds and melodies accompanying a driving drum beat that progresses throughout.

Stick Up Boys – Motorway

Some really cool sounds in this one from Stick Up Boys as they cruise down the Motorway. Has an 80s feel to it this one as the tension builds throughout – great vocals on this too!

House & Techno

Primaudia Record – Demonic Holiday

If you were wondering what a holiday with demons would be like then Primaudia Record gives a pretty good indication with this hard hitting, industrial, gothic sounding house tune. Expect something a little more fierce in this one!

Electrostatic Nightmare Disco – After Party

Once you’ve recovered from the Demonic Holiday then E.N.D. has got you sorted with the After Party here! Definitely a chilled house feel to this with spacey vocal sounds and synths to keep you in the mood for dancing.

Skaarl – Efemby Mixes Acid

Sticking with the “E”, “M”, “A” theme from previous compilations, Skaarl comes back with an Acid Techno style track which hits hard from the off with the thumping kick drum and progresses in an epic fashion throughout!

Cylotron – Summer Trax

Taking us on bit of an old school techno rave is Cylotron with some classic breaks, chords and even jungle sounds going on. Get those glow sticks going!

Hegstraction – Zest

Prepare for a bit of zest from Hegstraction here with an experimental track that alternates rhythms and basslines!

HootGun – Sundog

Hotdogs and Sun = Sundog? Perhaps! In any case, this track from Hootgun morphs and changes throughout from the space pads in the intro to a mystical middle section with powerful ambiances.


iconDARK – Have We Forgotten

If you wanted intensity and drama in your summer holiday then iconDARK has got you covered. With powerful sounds, melodies and a bit of scratching and mixing from the off, Have We Forgotten will give you the soundtrack you need if you have forgotten to pack something… we’ve all been there!

Andrew Gabriel – I Know In My Heart

With a more “rock” feel to this, Andrew Gabriel pushes the boat out with I Know In My Heart, summoning some deep feelings and some powerful vocals used, this one rounds off the compilation in a great way!

Release Information

Future Sounds Anthology Vol. 3 is a 16 track compilation released on Electronic Alliance Records on 3rd July 2020 available on all streaming outlets – click here and select your preferred platform of choice – the Spotify playlist in full is below:

Hopefully you enjoyed this run through and the tunes! Be sure to follow all the artists mentioned on Spotify and the EMA Twitter page to keep up to date with the latest!


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