Liquid Drumstep – Travelling Man

Travelling Man

After a conversation I had with family about traveling last year and how much difference 12 months can make (plus now I have unlimited upload time on Soundcloud again – yippee!), it reminded me about the first track of the Travel Diaries EP called Travelling Man. This liquid drumstep tune reminded me of the road trips and how much fun it was just cruising through New Zealand.

I still have ambitions of heading back to New Zealand, maybe even setting up shop and spending a bit more than 5 and a half weeks there but a little apprehensive given the current situation but we’ll see how it goes hey! I’m sure we are all wanting to see a bit more of the world again!

Release Information

I’m pleased to say that this track is out now on all the usual streaming outlets such as Spotify and iTunes and it’s available via the Electronic Alliance Records Beatport Page and to download from my website store if you were feeling frisky!

Have you started making plans for travelling again? Where are you looking to go?


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