2 Hours of Drum & Bass – Platform Project August 2020 Part 1 – Catch-Up Link

Platform Project

Hell yeah! What a night it was last night with 3 hours of high energy drum & bass in total after a few last minute changes where I needed to conjure up an extra hour or so of liquid dnb (which you’ll hear in part 2 that will be uploaded next week)! For now though, we have the first 2 hours for you to enjoy here and a plethora of liquid and heavy hitting Drum & Bass throughout the ages. Click here if you can’t see the player below:

As always with the Platform Project, we celebrate the feel good factor that our favourite drum & bass genre brings, mixing underground artists with a small following to more established artists with a bigger influence in the scene. Between each monthly show, we take the time to seek out tunes on a variety of platforms from Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify and listen in to submissions we receive to blend them together in a fun filled Saturday night on BassportFM.

Once we’ve found our tunes, it’s then a case of getting our relay system set up where DJ Pi and myself choose a tune where we’ll switch between each other live on air from the South East to the North West of the UK in our digital back-to-back. Have to say, really enjoying the set up of this as we’ve been doing this for a few months now and seems to work really well and the banter flies as fast as the digital baton between us!


Due to the last minute changes, the track list has changed a lot and it is currently incomplete but I’ll do my best to update this as time goes by! We will put it down to holiday season causing the carnage and the heat, seeing as I totally got the track names wrong during the show, we’re so underground we don’t even know what we’re playing HAHA – the joys of being underground DJs doing a live show haha! Still, at least we have a new saying out of it, everything will be “Brillbo Baggins”!

Anyway, here are the tracks from my section and I’ll update accordingly!

00:00 – 05:55 – Nicky Havey – Castle

So if you follow me on PeakD’s blogging platform, you may have seen me unravel this exclusive tune back in May, which was inspired from playing Spyro the Dragon on one of the levels called Lofty Castle. I just had to make a DnB inspired track and will be releasing this later in the year hopefully but it’s the first time it’s publicly available to listen at least and opens the set nicely.

05:55 – 09:37 – Salaryman – Subconscious Impulse

Sadly, looks like this one was removed from his catalog which is a bummer as it seems everything else is still uploaded on his Soundcloud – well worth checking him out.

09:37 – 14:57 – Poschek – The Only One

Aha! Finally, a track from an artist I can actually share LOL! This smooth roller from Poschek is released on Soul Deep Recordings as part of the “Jazzmerised” EP:

14:57 – 18:38 – Commix – Untitled (Sept 06)

Yes, you read that right, this track is actually called “Untitled” from one of my influences called Commix. One of the rare occasions I got the song titles correct lol! It’s out as part of the Dusted EP:

18:38 – 21:12 – Madcap – Needing You

Totally got this wrong on the night and mis-announced it as the next track, which is a shame as this is a lovely one and is out on the Liquid Drum & Bass 4 Autism compilation which is a superb collection of tunes which is all for charity, very worthwhile cause:

21:12 – 25:47 – Urbandawn ft Rotate – Blue Forest Grotto

Totally continuing the “dodgy DJ” theme as I mis-announced this one on the night as well, at least I mixed it in properly as I intended! Beautiful deep liquid track this one on the Blue Forest Grotto EP, released on Fokuz Recordings:

25:47 – 29:40 – Halogenix – Would You

Finally, managed to correct the wrongs of the show so far and caught up in the “Nicky” of time! This lovely liquid roller from Halogenix is out on the Gaslight EP:

29:40 – 32:48 – DKay & DJ Lee – Wax’d

The transition track to put me out of my announcing misery is this absolute heavyweight classic from DKay & DJ Lee called Waxed. I remember hearing this first back in 2005, first year at Uni, would have raved HARD to this if I heard it in the clubs, epic sounds from the Platform Project time machine:

To Be Continued…

The rest will be updated later in the week from DJ Pi who I’ve been told, did the show in his wet suit which is no mean feat! Some Brillbo Baggins tunes from the underground and absolute classics with top quality mixing from the legend himself in the hour after – enjoy and shake a leg!

Nicky & DJ Pi

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