Cheeky Sunday DnB For You & A New Release On The Way!

Chillout Time!

We’re all going through a bit of turmoil at the moment and one thing I like doing to escape is get engrossed in my music studio. Thankfully, we have the Platform Project show coming up again in a couple of weeks time and I’ve been digging through 20+ years of music collections, downloads and whatnot to put together an eclectic mix of Liquid Drum & Bass!

After a couple of really long hikes this weekend, catching up with friends today on one of them and having a good old plate of Fish & Chips, I’m in a chilled mode for this evening and so I searched around my Soundcloud page to see what I could find to share with you and up popped this cheeky little devil – Burning In My Soul!

It features a saxophone sample from Vechal and if you’re wondering where the waterfall is, that’s in Yosemite Valley – amazing place to hike around! Unfortunately, today was just around the Chiltern Hills but still offered up some lovely views in the sunshine!

Heliocentrism Project – Coming Soon

Oh yeahhh! The Electronic Music Alliance is all about collaboration and people from different styles joining forces to create something epic – the Heliocentrism Project is no different! This is a brainchild of fellow Co-Founder DaveyHub who created a lovely chilled breaks track, giving us a feeling of travelling through space on the mothership, watching the stars go by.

He then asked 8 other EMAliens to remix this original and we have a plethora of talent that hopped on board with this – 9 tracks in total to represent the planets of the solar system and yes, we included Pluto in that, controversial, I know! DZM had his heart set on Pluto remix which meant the rest of us fought it out for positions depending on how quickly we could get the remix back.

Safe to say, I had already banked Neptune before this kicked off because of my “speed” in getting music projects finished! I thought I might have had a chance at Uranus (stop sniggering at the back) but turns out, I really AM that slow LOL!

Anyway, the release is scheduled for 10th August and we’re all REALLY excited to present this one to you! More to come!


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