Day 2 of the Drum & Bass Mix Bonanza – Improvised Session on Platform Project

Platform Project Segment 3

The third and final segment of last week’s Platform Project show on BassportFM has been relinquished by Brillbo Baggins! I had the pleasure of meeting his cousin, Billbo Bloggins, who kindly agreed to help write today’s piece and share with you my final improvised session of liquid drum & bass mixing!

Why was it improvised? Well, there had to be some last minute changes to the show for unforeseen circumstances and I ended up with an extra 45 minutes to fill having only prepared for the usual 30 minute slot.

So I just tossed a few tracks that I had curated earlier in the week, as well as some of my favourites from years gone by, in the hope that they worked well during the transitions and frantically tried to mix them together to create a seamless mix for the listening crowd! A couple of dodgy transitions but hey, it’s all about the tunes at the end of the day!

Tracklist is below but if you wanted to relive the glory and hear the session and where Brillbo Baggins originated from, this is where you can find it!


So after DJ Pi had to quickly get to packing, I had about 4 seconds between him calling me and giving me the cue so the temperature increased to “furnace” off the bat as the baton was handed over and I had a quick mix planned, let’s see how it went!

00:00 – Orca – Barcelona

This was the tune that DJ Pi left for me to begin my final mix with and it’s a lovely free download on Soundcloud:

01:13 – Chris Sabian – Aurora

Into the mix now with Chris Sabian’s beautiful track on Soul Deep Digital, this uses some interesting male vocals with a dreamy sound pad in the background that ticks along nicely:

05:41 – Coercive – Revival (Nicky Havey remix)

I only just posted this one up recently on my Soundcloud page after not making it available previously anywhere before for some unknown reason! I enjoyed mixing this one in, blending the bassline of the previous track and, as announced on the show, it’s a now available for free:

09:01 – DaveyHub – Heliocentrism (Nicky Havey’s Neptune remix)

The “Havey double” comes at you with my Neptune remix of DaveyHub’s original tune called Heliocentrism, which changes up the drum pattern slightly. I wrote about this one earlier in the month when the tune was released on Electronic Alliance Records, very much inspired by Commix:

15:00 – Silence Groove & Humanature – Cloud Raiders

One thing I love doing is mixing in tracks, blending them together and having transitions that last over a minute – this is one of my favourite transitions I’ve done with the atmospheric sounds of Cloud Raiders floating over the top before the main bassline kicks in. These two liquid dnb producers made something amazing here:

16:39 – S.P.Y – Skyzophonic (VIP)

The other thing I like doing with DJ mixes and transitions is mashing them together and almost making a different track entirely from them! That’s what I went for with the absolute filthy bassline of Skyzophonic which blended in really nicely with the previous and in fact, the next track too – check it!

20:55 – Goldtrix & Andrea Brown – It’s Love (Trippin’) (Matrix extended mix)

Winding back the clock as we step in to the Platform Project TARDIS here as we start to phase out the filthy bassline with something a lot more hypnotic from Matrix as this take on a classic Trance track called Trippin’ will leave you molten – released 2001 (I was mistaken in thinking it was 2002 on the show, wow)!

25:53 – Cyantific & Matrix – Cover Story

Time to hop back on to the Hospital Records train here as Cyantific and Matrix combine forces with a rip snorting track from the golden era in the form of Cover Story from the Ghetto Blaster EP:

30:50 – BCee & Lomax – Get Up Get Down

The classic smooth liquid vibes continue here with another quality collab from BCee & Lomax called Get Up Get Down, taking me right back to my undergraduate days at Uni this one:

35:15 – Ultima C – Seven Days

The TARDIS then brings us forwarded to 2010 with Ultima C’s stringy beauty called Seven Days which is high energy and just feels so pure, great vibes here:

40:03 – Alexus – What I Want

Now we’re in circa 2015 where I discovered Alexus’ tune What I Want on Soundcloud and featured it in one of my first ever Havey’s Highlights podcasts, which were inspired by the Secret Soundcloud series coincidentally run by the very person who I do the Platform Project shows with now – big up Mr Pi for that! And also to Alexus for what is a lovely summer number!

43:43 – Malaky & Satl – For Your Love

Blending in very nicely with the previous is this Liquicity dream boat of a tune called “For Your Love” by two legends on the label who I’ve featured tracks from before in other shows too. The amen breaks with lovely string melody is what will capture you in this one!

47:02 – Hugh Hardie – Colourful Language

Platform Project favourite Hugh Hardie returns once again with a superbly produced track called Colourful Language which transitions nicely at both ends. Always enjoyed his tunes from before he became part of some of the major labels in the scene. That’s one of the joys of Soundcloud, you can discover some of the hidden talent before other do:

51:08 – Smote – Connection (original mix)

The Liquid Drum & Bass 4 Autism compilation has been well represented by myself over the last few months because it’s a really incredible collection of tracks from producers raising money and awareness of Autism. 40 awesome liquid dnb tunes for the price of a few cups of coffee to raise money for a good cause? Rude not to!

54:02 – Astral Valley & Kieron Tong – Embers

Quick flash back in time here with a lovely tune that I first heard on Detroit Raver’s show called The Drum Circle way back when he first featured this. I know he’s going through a few difficulties right now so hoping this will lift his spirits – and as I said on the show, if you can fit whistling in to a drum & bass tune, you’re definitely winning!

56:59 – Blade, SoulStructure & Kyro – Summer Sumthin’ (original mix)

Representing the Liquid Drum & Bass 4 Autism compilation again here with another lovely summery number from 3 talented artists:

1:00:40 – Sapphire – Million Colours of Nature

Another tune to help out Noah here as I first heard this one the Drum Circle, seem to remember it opened one of the sets he did and it’s a lovely orchestral number which will leave you floating above the clouds:

1:05:17 – Imprint – Missing Piece

Next up is a free download on Soundcloud here with a subalicious tune called “Missing Piece” by Imprint, it certainly leaves an imprint on your body as those sub basslines drive right through you here!

1:08:56 – A Sides & DJ Marky – Special Lady

It would be rude of us not to get back in to the Platform Project TARDIS one last time before rounding up the show. This is a tune I heard on a few mixes I downloaded back in my undergraduate days back in 2005 and found everything about it mysterious from the drum beat to the looping and funky bassline, very cheeky for a special lady!

1:13:02 – Breakage ft Rohan – Ruff Dub

Welllll, we couldn’t leave the show without cranking this one out! So nice we had to play it thrice on the show! I didn’t actually have the track until DJ Pi sent it to my whilst I was doing my mix so had to download it during the set and hoped it worked on the mix LOL! Thankfully, it kinda did so I’m happy and what a tune! In the words of DJ Pi, I f””””ing love it! That rattling sound that echoes in this is apparently a recording of a skateboard in an underground tunnel – pretty cool in any case!

Part 3 – Profound Radio

That ties up the remaining loose ends from the Platform Project but it’s not the end of the Drum & Bass, oh no! Tomorrow night on Monday 24th August from 6pm UK Time onwards, Profound Radio are hosting an evening of Breakbeats and Drum & Bass mixes from members of the Electronic Music Alliance with myself finishing up the roster!

Thanks to DaveyHub and Profound Radio for organising this night, it’s going to be wild and we’ll have the catch-up links to all the mixes available in case you’re not able to tune in on the night! Looking forward to this!

Catch you then and hope you enjoyed the Platform Project recap!

Nicky & DJ Pi

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