Drum & Bass DJ Mix Bonanza Part 3 – EMA Meets Profound Radio & “Havey Hour”

Havey Hour

The final installment of the Drum & Bass DJ Mix Bonanza comes courtesy of the Electronic Music Alliance’s night of breakbeat and dnb at the helm of Profound Radio! We’d been looking forward to this for a few weeks now and the evening was filled with epic mixes and uplifting sessions from the EMA DJs, with myself rounding off the evening’s proceedings with an hour of my own tunes that I’ve dubbed “Havey Hour”!

I hadn’t done a mix of my own tracks for a long time so this felt like the perfect opportunity to do it, seeing as I have over 110 in my repertoire, might as well put some new, some old and some upcoming in the set! Plus some of you were asking me if I could put together a “compilation” of my favourite tunes so here we are! The full mix is here:


00:00 – WavLegion – Exhale (Nicky Havey remix)

Kicking things off is my take of WavLegion’s (combination of the skilled guitarist WavDr and awesome vocalist Bonnie Legion) track called Exhale. I heard their original on a show called Spotlight On The Artist and remember instantly connecting with it with the thoughts whizzing around my head on how I could make this a DnB track – this is the result:

05:36 – Blindstate – End of the World (Nicky Havey remix)

Many moons ago, I was a part of another label called AirPlus Recordings and there was a minimalistic DnB producer called Blindstate who made a track called “End of the World” that again, I connected with and wanted to do a remix of it. My first remix was a more chilled out on that you can hear on Soundcloud but this DnB VIP version you hear in the mix is not available anywhere yet so enjoy it:

09:38 – DJ Shadow – Blood on the Motorway (Nicky Havey remix)

The legendary DJ Shadow made an awesome track called Blood on the Motorway which was remixed by Hosta and I heard it on a livestream of a Hospital Records night out, was in love but wanted to do my own version of it.

5 years ago when Soundcloud was a proper community and you had genuine comments, I uploaded a work in progress that I never updated with the finished track, may have to change that and re-upload the final version you hear in the mix:

13:42 – DaveyHub – Stargazing (Nicky Havey Dark Matter remix)

I couldn’t not have a tribute to the man who organised the Profound Radio Breaks and DnB night and his Stargazing track that I remixed felt right to mix in here. Our radio edit of the track that combined his original with my remix got played 4 times on BBC Introducing and Davey put together a really cool video on YouTube:

18:28 – Nicky Havey – Dreamer

One of my favourites from the Travel Diaries EP is Dreamer which is a nod to the 1990s floor filling club classic Dreamer by Livin’ Joy. All out energy in this one:

23:21 – Nicky Havey – Locked Away

It’s not all melodic trancey liquid dnb vibes and Locked Away squashes the bassline out of Dreamer during the mix. This was one of my earlier releases on then Allowance Records but found its way out to be distributed on other networks that I can’t seem to have taken down so up it stays, not that I’m making millions off it anyway but here’s that cheeky grimey number for you!

26:40 – Nicky Havey – Can’t Give In

Then we flick over to the Comeback EP where I went through a lull of 2 years not wanting to create anything, life situation seemed to be overwhelming but you always have a gritty determination as you Can’t Give In, which is what this track is all about:

31:34 – GMaks – Perfect Miracle (Nicky Havey remix)

This track has been floating around a while on my shows and mixes over the last 4 years or so but I never uploaded it to the world so it remains a mystery as to when you’ll get your mitts on a free download but it’s coming, don’t you worry! Big thanks to GMaks from Barcelona for the original track:

35:26 – Nicky Havey – Your Time Is Now

Next up is another track from the Travel Diaries EP as the energy levels increase once more with Your Time Is Now as I relive one of the tunes that will always transport me to my travels around Australia and New Zealand in 2019!

40:35 – Nicky Havey – The Grass is Always Greener

The first time that this one has been aired and a sign of things to come! A happy track that ultimately is made when you think the grass is greener on the other side and you’re getting ready to transition to the new cycle in your life. We’re ignoring the fact that it’s usually not as green though haha!

44:16 – Nicky Havey – Desire

Another unreleased tune in the form of Desire here, which is meant to be a bit more on the sensual, sexual side with an unusual drum pattern and gentle synths used throughout. Not sure when this will be released as I’m trying to recap all the releases so far this year and don’t want to overcook it – watch this space!

48:42 – Nicky Havey – Something About You

Rounding up the trio of unreleased tracks is this one called Something About You which fits in nicely with the Desire track really. A chilled, deep melody for that special someone who I haven’t met yet but I’m sure she’s out there… somewhere lol!

53:10 – Nicky Havey – End of the Tunnel

One of my most played tracks ever on Spotify here which has a very special meaning for me as I made this track in celebration after finishing my PhD in 2014. Amazing that this was selected for the Spotify Editorial playlists and I’m glad others are partying along with me on this one!

56:51 – Monaco – What Do You Want From Me? (Nicky Havey remix)

Then to round the set off is one of my favourite one hit wonder tracks from Monaco called What Do You Want From Me? I found myself humming and singing along to this one back in the day and thought I’d put a drum and bass spin on it in celebration of reaching 30,000 streams on Soundcloud – enjoy the free download:

Drum & Bass Mixes

So there you have it folks, the whole Havey Hour mix on Profound Radio from Monday 24th August 2020! I hope you enjoyed reliving it or tuning in and the tunes that are coming up, it’s been quite a journey the last 6 years in music production since I got my tunes professionally mastered, long may it last!

Shout out to DaveyHub, Profound Radio and the EMA DJs for the show, plenty to catch up on and all the mixes are available to stream on the Electronic Music Alliance Mixcloud page – what a line up it was and can’t wait to enjoy them in full over the long weekend!


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