Heliocentrism EP – Get Ready For An Epic Journey Through Space, EMA Style!


It all started in the Electronic Music Alliance Discord where DaveyHub shared a track that he made that had a very spacey feel to it called Heliocentrism. Then the idea of having 8 remixes based on the planets of the solar system came about and another EMAzing showcase of the talent and community spirit we have in getting this all together was born!

So I thought I’d have a listen in to the EP this morning and give you all a quick run through of what to expect from this bumper pack of 9 epic variants of Heliocentrism. In order from when they were submitted (except DZM had already banked Pluto), here is the sounds from the solar system!

Mercury – Hootgun’s Trip to Space Remix

Kicking off the EP is Hootgun’s Trip to Space remix which gives us a funky bassline accompanied with a smooth chilled house beat and a nice little vocal sample thrown in to the mix too

Venus – Electrostatic Nightmare Disco’s Goddess of Love Remix

Up next is Electrostatic Nightmare Disco with his old school trance style take on the original where he opens up with a countdown sequence before propelling us in to space on the chill shuttle!

Earth – DaveyHub’s Third Rock from the Sun Remix

Then we hear the original brain child behind the project with DaveyHub’s old school break beat sound that builds throughout very nicely. Great to hear how so many takes can be produced with this original!

Mars – Bufinjer’s Martian Mix

Next up is Bufinjer’s mix which goes straight in with the beats and in his signature style, keeping the mood changing and evolving throughout in what’s known as “Buf House”!

Jupiter – Gribbles’ Jovian Gentle Giant Remix

EMA’s “Gas Giant” Gribbles remix has certainly lived up to the gentle name he’s given this one. Breaking down the original into segments and adding his own chilled parts was a nice touch in this downtempo take.

Saturn – Eonlake’s Diamond Rain Remix

Mr Lake takes us around the rings of Saturn with his remix that adds a really dreamy version to the EP with pads and arpeggiated synths and varying tempo, dare I say, it’s almost DnB? In the EMA Discord earlier, Mr Lake had this to say and I am strongly inclined to agree:

Huge congratulations to everyone else for doing such fantastic remixes- such a variety of takes and all so strong in their own right. I can’t think of a better example of what the EMA is and is capable of- I’m proud as hell to share a release with each and every one of you

Uranus – Matrosp’s 13 Rings Remix

Completely flipping the switch is Matrosp’s version of events that hits you from the off with a hard techno style beat and will have you dancing in rings! All 13 of them!

Neptune – Nicky Havey’s Neptune Remix

Seeing as I was the last one to send my track in as usual, I got the honour of Neptune (the last of the main planets in the solar system). I summoned my inner Commix for this one and put together a liquid drum & bass remix, what else?!

Pluto – DZM’s Who Are You Calling A Dwarf Remix

But of course, there’s always room for a little one and Pluto sees DZM land a deep house tune that really makes you feel for the planet that was! However, a fitting way to round up the EP, we still love you Pluto!

Release Information

The Heliocentrism EP was released on Electronic Alliance Records on 10th August 2020 and is available to download on Beatport – you can stream it on all available sites, take your pick here and full Spotify playlist is below:

We all hope you enjoy the tunes and thanks everyone for your support!

Nicky and the EMAliens

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