Liquid Drum & Bass Free Download – Coercive – Revival (Nicky Havey remix)

Everyone Loves A Freebie!

Especially when it’s liquid drum and bass right? Although I do still buy tunes when I do the sets for the Platform Project to support the producers who spend their time carving out the beats, I’m not going to turn down a freebie! 5 years ago, I heard this jungle track from an artist called Coercive which was a free download on FLAK:

Coercive – Revival Remix

Now, I came across Danny previously when I was doing the Havey’s Highlights podcasts before joining the Platform Project and featured many of his tracks. So it was a privilege to work on the remix for Revival and put my own spin on it – I didn’t ever post this up on Soundcloud before in the public domain so it’s about time I released it in to the wild!

I decided to activate the sub bassline extensively in this track, using the pads from the original and adding a slightly longer echo/delay on them to increase the intensity as the track reaches its apex. Making it DJ mix friendly as well with the intro and long outro so DJs can play around with integrating it into their own mixes too – hope you enjoy feeling the energy on this one and if you do – it’s a free download so you can play to your hearts content (click the down arrow on the soundcloud embed player below to get your copy)!


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