Liquid Drum & Bass Recap – “Guardian Angel”

Flashback Friday

So thought I’d continue with the “Flashback Friday” series (for want of better phrasing) and picked up track 3 of the Travel Diaries EP called Guardian Angel. This liquid drum and bass tune is an instrumental with a melody that I hope catches your interest from the off before launching us all in to a state of euphoric feel good sounds!

Guardian Angel

The inspiration from this track actually came from when I was travelling back in 2019 around New Zealand with the feeling that there were a few guardian angles keeping me safe and (mostly) out of trouble!

That happy, plucky melody I went for begins from the start and carries on throughout, along with some experimentation on a few different chord sequences. Hoping that you feel the euphoric sounds with me on this one! As always, thanks to @gabrielatravels for doing the artwork on this!

Release Details

This was released on Electronic Alliance Records on 14th February 2020 and available to stream on Spotify, YouTube and you can download from my website here if you so wished!

Hope you enjoy the tune, let me know in the comments below!


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