Digital Detox, Drum & Bass and Travel Posts Are Returning

Digital Detox

I would highly recommend you all take a digital detox or at least limit the amount of time that you are spending online and watching TV/news because it’s very easy to get sucked in to all the negative vibes that are flying around at the moment. I’ve been fortunate enough to get away for 2 weeks with the family to Cornwall the last couple of weeks, deleted Twitter, Facebook, Discord… mostly everything so that I could truly get away.

That was a great decision as now I feel a lot more energised and will actually probably not re-install those apps again and just check them whenever I’m logged on to my PC. It also meant I could enjoy the beautiful coastlines on the numerous hikes I went on, which I’ll be sharing more of in a new posting schedule!

Travel Blogs Are Returning

It’s been over 6 months now since I last did a travel post as music matters have taken over but I’m going to get a travel blog out at least once per month from October as I missed writing them and I think, given the current situation, it’s nice to be taken away to a different place.

So I’ll be reliving some of my travels and probably updating my website to have a dedicated travel blog section which should help separate the different types of blogs I’ll be writing (music and travel mainly)! I’ll keep you posted about that, I’ve got my work cut out, nothing like a bit of website admin to keep you busy!

Drum & Bass Music – Night Sky

After coming back from holiday yesterday, I decided that it was a good time to upload the final track of the Travel Diaries EP to my Soundcloud profile called Night Sky. I’ll also be updating my back catalog on there along with some works in progress so if you aren’t following then now’s your chance! Here is Night Sky:

As per my release page, here’s the quote from there which explains the track in all its glory:

This is a more deep liquid DnB track, reflecting on what was a truly epic trip last year when I gratefully went travelling around Australia & New Zealand between April and June 2019.

Although I did some amazing stuff during the day and saw beautiful landscapes, the night sky still paints an amazing picture and even after the Sun sets, we can still be dazzled by the stars that provide a beautiful backdrop to the landscape.

The bassline in this track is actually inspired by one of my favourite liquid dnb tracks by High Contrast – Make It Tonight. Obviously, I’m never making anything as epic as what comes from the producers at Hospital Records but their artists have had a lot of influence on my style from LogisticsLondon Elektricity and Nu:Tone to name a few!

“Night Sky” was released on the Electronic Alliance Records label, which is run by the EMA Community, on 27th March 2020 and is available on Spotify playlist if you clicked on the player above. Then there’s iTunesBeatport and Amazon and even on my website here.

So, that’s why I’ve been quiet but it’s good to have a break to recharge the batteries! What have I missed in the last two weeks then? Anything exciting going on with you? Let me know!


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